Former Keyano College Board of Governor member is inducted into the Alberta Trades Hall of Fame

Posted On Monday December 07, 2020

Dale Mountain, Interim President and CEO of Keyano College couldn’t be more pleased to announce that former Chairman and CEO of Syncrude and past Member of the Board of Governors of Keyano College Eric Newell has been selected for induction into the Alberta Trades Hall of Fame.

Mr. Mountain said, “There is no one more supportive of the trades, Fort McMurray or Keyano College so I can honestly say, there is not another person who so richly deserves this honour more than Eric Newell.  His passion for education and youth is unmatched and we are so proud of him achieving this distinction.”

Eric Newell and his wife Kathleen were active donors to Keyano College from 1990 to 2006 when they created an endowment for student awards. Mr. Newell said, “I think education is a great equalizer of opportunity. To me, it is a fundamental requirement for us to move our economy ahead. I have quite a strong passion for trying to create opportunity for the Indigenous community and education.”

Respect for Mr. Newell is far-reaching. Jim Carter, former president and CEO of Syncrude said, “The true commitment of an individual is demonstrated when in retirement, they support the same things they did when they were in their corporate role. That is very true about Eric Newell and that’s what makes him so good.”

The Alberta Trades Hall of Fame recognizes and honours people who have made exceptional contributions to advancing the skilled trades, and to supporting the success of others.