Keyano welcomes RMWB partnership to create art gallery

Posted On Monday December 02, 2019

Keyano College officials are extremely pleased with the recent Region of Wood Buffalo Municipality Council decision to move forward on a proposal to create an international art gallery for the community.

On Friday, November 29, Council approved a $16.8-million capital grant for the project to create an international art gallery, develop a dedicated ceramics studio, and flexible studio spaces. The gallery will be an extension and adaptation of the Keyano Theatre.

The funds are conditional on reaching a legal agreement, investigating additional funding sources and conducting rigorous public engagement.

“The RMWB is a valued partner and we see this as an opportunity to sustain, enliven, and grow the arts in Wood Buffalo as well as attract local and international artists.” said Dr. Trent Keough, President and CEO, Keyano College. “I’d like to thank Council for debating the proposal, especially Mike Allen for his passionate and knowledgeable advocacy for the arts and the gallery, Mayor Don Scott and Councillors Bruce Inglis, and Jane Stroud who also voted for it.”

In the coming days, the College’s leadership will work with Region officials to move the project forward.

“We look forward to working with the RMWB, to build a plan for engagement and consultation, and on the future governance and management of the asset,” said Dr. Keough.

In conjunction with the RMWB’s partnership and the gallery’s completion, Keyano will also consider new Arts programming.

The Mayor and three councillors noted above along with Councillor Phil Meagher also approved a Sustaining Grant of $587,000 for the Keyano Theatre.

With recent cuts to its budget, and more cuts coming for the next three years, the College has been challenged to continue funding for the Theatre, a cultural centerpiece that has been a part of the community and the college for more than 40 years. The College is also looking for the Region’s support for the operation of the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre.

A decision on a $1.2-million request for funding to support the operations of the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre was not approved.