Keyano College assessment of flood damage

Posted On Saturday May 02, 2020

Keyano College staff have performed a preliminary assessment of the flood damage at the Clearwater Campus. 

The Main College campuses were evacuated on April 27 and all systems were shut down at the time. Students and employees living in Penhorwood and Clearwater Hall residences were evacuated on April 26 prior to the official notice being received, as a precaution.

It is important to note that all building will require environmental, technical, and insurance professionals be brought in as soon as possible to make a full review before restart of any systems are possible.  These systems include electrical, gas, heating and environmental.

The preliminary assessment indicated:  

  • Main Clearwater Campus received minimal damage and will require clean up, sanitization, and a full review of all systems.
  • Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre (SSWC) received catastrophic damage and will require a full professional assessment on all systems before a full report can be determined. SSWC will be closed indefinitely and tenants will be contacted individually by College Staff.
  • Bob Lamb Building also received excessive damage on the main floor and will be subject to a full assessment by professionals. The Bob Lamb building will remain closed indefinitely.
  • The Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre received minimal damage and will require clean up and sanitization. 
  • Staff could not access to the Power and Process Lab at this time and an update will be provided at a later date.
  • Clearwater Hall Residence received minimal damage and will be subject to the same review as the main campus.
  • Penhorwood Residences and Riedel Residences have not yet been assessed. Returning to these premises is strictly prohibited.

The entire College campus is fenced for the safety of the public. No one is to enter the properties for any reason unless authorized by College Executive.  This includes residents, staff, tenants, and the general public.  This is a safety issue and anyone found on any of the Campus properties noted above, will be considered trespassing.

Evacuated residents are being encouraged to contact the Red Cross at 1-800-863-6582 for information about available lodging and support resources.

We’d like to thank all employees, many who have gone above and beyond during these trying times. More information for students and employees can be found at

If you have specific question about re-entry, please email and your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate department.