Keyano College Partners with Métis Nation of Alberta to Reveal $1 Million Student Award Endowment.

Posted On Friday September 01, 2023

Keyano College has been gifted $500,000 from the Métis Nation of Alberta’s Métis Education Foundation and the Rupertsland Institute. Keyano has matched to establish a $ 1-million-dollar Metis Education Endowment Fund. The fund will provide financial aid to qualified Métis students to reduce the overall cost of education and the financial burden it can have.

At an official signing held on September 1st at Keyano College, Audrey Poitras, President of the Métis Nation of Alberta, said, “This partnership signals a commitment from Keyano College to the education and success of our Métis citizens. To the Métis Nation, the creation of this fund was not just a donation to the College; it was an investment in the future of the Metis Nation.”

The endowment represents a collaborative initiative to advance the post-secondary enrollment of Métis students and to inspire them to drive changes within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and beyond.

Jay Notay, President & CEO of Keyano College, says this endowment reflects Keyano’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, “This marks the most substantial endowment in the history of Keyano College. The Fund reflects our commitment to accessibility and recognizes the unique perspectives and contributions that Métis students bring to our academic tapestry. By investing in their education, we are investing in the enrichment of our entire institution,” says Notay.

Keyano College remains committed to providing all students equitable access to post-secondary education and contributing to the region’s social, cultural, and economic development - the College awarded more than 420 scholarships and bursaries last year.

“Student awards open pathways to accessibility and success,” says Chantal Beaver, Associate Vice President of Strategy & Business Transformation at Keyano College.  “Through the support of donors, such as the Metis Nation of Alberta, we have created an extensive student awards program focused on nurturing excellence and supporting ease of access.”

Students and potential students wanting to learn more about the Keyano Colleges Student Awards program can visit 2023/24 student awards will be distributed this Spring, including the first Métis Education Endowment Fund awards.  






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AVP Strategy & Business Transformation