Keyano College Announces Partnership with Diversified Transportation

Posted On Tuesday August 01, 2023

Keyano College and Diversified Transportation have instituted a multi-tier partnership valued at $24,000 annually. The sponsorship solidifies Diversified as the presenting sponsor of the Keyano Huskies Men’s Soccer & Futsal Team while continuing their support of the Keyano College Gala and the Huskies Athletics Golf Tournament.

 “We strongly support students’ academic development and want to inspire young students to drive innovation in their respective fields through our investment. Additionally, extending our support to the Huskies Men’s Soccer & Futsal Team means we can help student-athletes find their purpose, sharpen their skill set, and unlock their full athletic potential,” said Tim Lindsay, President of Employee Transportation at Diversified.

Diversified Transportation, an industry leader in transportation services within Northern Alberta, has long supported education and sportsmanship in the Wood Buffalo region.

Niels Slotboom, Head Coach of the Huskies Men’s Soccer Team, said, “This sponsorship will inspire our student-athletes to develop a strong philosophy of collaboration and strengthen our sports development strategy. I look forward to implementing new initiatives during the 2023-24 season. Every student-athlete brings substantial experience, knowledge, and a competitive spirit to the team, and I’m glad their continuous efforts are being rewarded.”

Chantal Beaver, Associate Vice President of Strategy & Business Transformation at Keyano College, added, “This multi-tier sponsorship is astounding and reflects Diversified’s commitment to prioritizing education, community networking, and propelling athletic careers at Keyano College. It will undoubtedly enhance the student-life experience at Keyano College.”

Keyano College remains thankful to our sponsors, and we are proud of their continual support and for contributing to the holistic development of our students. The Keyano College Huskies Soccer teams begin their season on September 8th. The Huskies Golf Tournament is on September 7th, and the Keyano Gala returns on November 4th.





Media Contact: 

Chantal Beaver, BAA MA 
AVP Strategy & Business Transformation