Keyano College proactively calls 800 students for feedback

Posted On Wednesday October 14, 2020
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Student Services Call Board

Early in 2020, the world changed for all of us with the onset of COVID-19, and Keyano College, along with its students, was no different. The delivery of learning systems and services offered by the College was forced to change, almost overnight. With learning going on-line, Keyano College was forced to try and teach with remote technology aside from classes with practicum and lab requirements such as Nursing. Because of this, Keyano is unable to interact with its students as it did prior to COVID-19. It was for this reason that the Student Services Team decided to contact students with a phone call. 

The Student Services Team, comprised of Wellness Services, Skill Centre, Student Life, Library, International Education, Accessibility Services, and IPSE completed 800 calls to all current students over three weeks to ascertain how they are adapting to studying on-line. The calls were also intended to take on a proactive approach by reaching out and giving students a chance to both voice any concerns and/or challenges they may be experiencing and to receive direction as to what types of supports are currently available to them.

Keyano College is committed to a positive relationship with its students and makes it a priority to ensure that our students experience is one they can look back upon fondly as a great step towards an outstanding future. By getting input from our students, the College hopes that it can continue to grow as an institution by not only providing a great education but continually moving forward by improving the student experience. While many topics were addressed through the 800 calls, some topics came to the surface most often, and Keyano is committed to addressing them:

  1. Students from certain programs are hoping to have discussions with their Chairs to begin an open dialogue and improve communication flow. 
  2. Keyano needs to streamline its process to avoid issues involving the purchase of necessary course materials.
  3. Expediency when it comes to students acquiring those materials.
  4. Keyano should minimize the number of follow-ups and additional contacts students have to make to reach the right office/person who can assist with their questions.    
  5. International students having difficulty acquiring the books required (especially hard copy books with no alternative for an e-copy) for their studies.

On the positive side, numerous students were grateful for the support provided by the Skill Centre. A primary service that garnered appreciation was access to free tutoring. The information obtained offered insight into the demand for students who are struggling with getting organized while adapting to on-line learning and being able to utilize programs available to them. Academic Support Services also obtained high marks for its ability to assist with Accessibility, Academic Success Coaching, and Learning Strategies.

It was discovered that there were other areas of the College that were utilized and appreciated. The Wellness Centre was highly recommended. Some students were not aware of this free, confidential service and following the calls from Keyano, at least fifteen appointments were confirmed. Others were made aware of the many ways the Library offered support along with how the Office of the Registrar could assist with their needs.

Overall, while some students voiced some frustration, the Student Services Team found that almost every student contacted appreciated the call with several students voicing their appreciation for the College reaching out to check on them. With the number of great comments received, Keyano College plans on making this a practice that will continue in subsequent semesters.  While 2020 has been a challenging year, we can’t thank everyone enough, including faculty, who have helped support students this semester as they continue their educational journey to a bright future.