Equipment Usage

All members and guests of Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre must follow our equipment usage and lending policies.

Please respect other facility users by following these rules:

  • Do not grunt, yell, swear, play loud music or behave in ways that are offensive or disruptive to others.
  • Do not monopolize equipment by allowing others to “work in” or take turns on the equipment.
  • Do not drop, slam or bang weights.
  • Return all weights, plates and accessories back to the appropriate places.
  • Wipe off any equipment you use with the cloths and spray bottles provided. This includes the controls, handles, seats and railings on the cardiovascular equipment.
  • Limit yourself to 30 minutes on all cardiovascular equipment during peak times.

Equipment Lending Policy

Members can sign out equipment, such as towels, ball, kettle bells, ab rollers, TRX and more. Please inquire at the Fitness Desk or Guest Services Desk.

You must leave a piece of identification, which will be given back to you once the equipment is returned. Only a driver's license or membership ID will be accepted as valid identification.