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Educational Assistant Certificate

The Childhood Studies department offers a full-time, ten month Educational Assistant Certificate program. Part-time study is also available through evening classes, online application and day classes when space allows.

To learn more about the program, applicants are strongly recommended to call or meet with the department chair.

Attending school can be a great adventure for many children; however for others it can be a difficult experience. You can play a key role in breaking down the barriers of learning for these children by enrolling in Keyano College's 10-month Educational Assistant Certificate program. This hands-on program focuses on preparing students for employment with schools or community programs where they will work with children with special needs.

Educational Assistant Online

Please be advised, although eCampus Alberta has closed, we are still offering the Educational Assistant Certificate in conjunction with Medicine Hat College and Red Deer College. We are currently configuring our new Registration Process for online courses and will provide more information in the coming weeks.

You can apply for the online Educational Assistant program with Keyano College by visiting  

Courses that will be offered online for the 2017/2018 academic year: 

Fall 2017
EA 116 (section I) - Health and Safety Issues
EA 105 (section I) - Personal Development & Interaction

Winter 2018
EA 202 (section I) - Working with Children with Special Needs
EA 105 (section I) - Personal Development & Interaction
EA 201 (section I) - Child Development II
EA 211 (section I) - Reading Support for Emergent Readers

Spring 2018
EA 214 (section I) - Introduction to Communication Disorders
EA 217 (section I) - Adolescents in the Classroom 

For additional information, or help with registration in the mean time please contact a Student Advisor at or by phone at 780-791-4801.