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What is Rope Access Training?

Rope access construction is a fast growing industry around the world where workers use a double rope suspension system and rigorous pre-job set-up methods to accomplish various construction tasks. For tradesmen, technicians and experienced construction workers, rope training can offer a multitude of new and exciting professional opportunities.

R.A.C. Group & Keyano College offer monthly Rope Access IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) & SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) courses designed to offer three progressive levels of training. The first level provides certification as a technician.

International rope access certifying bodies standardize and develop industry-leading techniques for rope workers. Both IRATA and SPRAT boast standout safety records for their certified workers that ensure the viability of these services.

R.A.C. is an IRATA & SPRAT company O/T 1008 certified.

Contact us for registration:

School of Continuing Education

Phone:       780-715-3903


In person:   Bob Lamb Industry Education Building

                   8015 Franklin Ave.  

                   Fort McMurray AB T9H 2T6


Rope Access courses are eligible for employer funding under the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Keyano College offers on demand training for companies, corporate clients, or groups of any size.

For more information about group or corporate training options, please call 780-715-3903 or email