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The School of Continuing Education is moving online! Help us save paper and the environment. All students will be able to access their course information and materials with the Keyano Moodle online platform ( Printed materials will not be provided in class and students are encouraged to bring your own device to class.

Keyano provides free wireless access in all buildings to all students for ease of access and course material viewing. Some students may still have the preference for printed materials. This is possible in the following ways:

• print in the comfort of your own home on your home printer
• print at Keyano College within student common areas or the library

Print credits can be purchased at the bookstore or at two kiosks located in the Student Commons or outside the Nurse’s Office/ Bookstore. Credits never expire and are non-refundable

Printing is $0.10 per black and white copy or $0.29 per colour copy



All courses are available on Moodle two weeks before course start date, and upon registration. It is the student’s responsibility to log into Moodle with their student user names and passwords and access course information and materials in preparation for class.

All pre-course assignments and pre-course reading manuals are posted on moodle/ilearn ( As a student of Keyano College, you will receive your student identification to access your pre-course materials.

Initialize your password for the first time
Due to security reasons, we require students to change their initial password before accessing any Keyano resources. You can do this in two ways:

On campus: If you are on campus, you can simply log in to a college computer and you will be prompted to change your password.

At home: If you are accessing self-service or ilearn from home, you will need to go to to change your password.

Reset your password

Your password expires every 90 days. To reset, please visit

Textbooks are not included in online Moodle course materials and can be purchased at Keyano Bookstore in the main building of the Clearwater Campus.


If you have already registered and paid for your course but have not received a username or password via email, please contact ITS at 780-791-4965 or the School of Continuing Education office at 780-715-3903.


Wondering if your course is on Moodle? 

Here is a complete list of courses on Moodle in the School of Continuing Education:


Asset Planning & Management Certificate

- All 7 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in. (in-class and online)


Contract Development & Administration Certificate

- 3 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in.

- One exception for The Principals of Contract Law (printed materials will be given in class for this course only)

Construction Management Certificate

- 6 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in.

- Two exceptions: The Principals of Contract Law and Construction Drawings & Specifications (printed materials will be given in class for these courses only)


Professional Bookkeeping Certificate

- 5 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in.

- Exceptions: SAGE50 Level 1, SAGE50 Level 2, Excel 2013 - Level 1, and Excel 2013 - Level 2. These are computer application courses and required textbooks are used in class with handouts.


Project Management Certificate

- All 8 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in.


Supply Management Training Certificate

- All 10 courses are located on Moodle, click here to log in.


Computer Training Courses

Computer training courses are application courses. Computer courses are not located on Moodle. All other supplementary materials will be provided by the instructor in class.