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General Education Development (GED) Test

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The GED test consists of five separate exams (Science, Social Studies, Reading, Mathematics, and Writing) which are generally administered over two days. An equivalency diploma is awarded by Alberta Learning to candidates who achieve a passing grade (minimum Standard Score of 450 points) on each of the five tests. All candidates writing the GED tests for the first time must complete all five exams.

        In order to write the GED, you must:

  • be over 18 years of age;
  • have been out of school for 10 consecutive months;
  • not have graduated from an accredited high school, nor received a high school equivalency diploma

        Registering to write the GED Tests – Computer Based 

    • Once signed in, MyGED Dashboard will appear with six selections on the page.
    • Click on Schedule and follow prompts on each page, choosing COMPUTER, not paper.
    You may choose to write the five tests on any schedule, one at a time; OR any number of tests over a two test dates. 
    Select ONLY 2 or 3 subject tests at one time to find available times and dates.
    • If you want between-test breaks longer than 10 minutes, register ONE test at a time.
    NOTE: If you return later than the allotted ten-minute break, your next test time is reduced.                 
    • Pay the GED exam fees online : $40 USD per test or $200 USD for all five tests.
    For any other GED enquiries with regards to writing at Keyano College, please contact the Chief GED Examiner by emailing                                                                              

    GED dates for Mar - July 2019                                                               

      Mar April May June  July
      6-Mar 3-Apr 1-May 5-Jun  3-Jul
      20-Mar 29-Apr 8-May 19-Jun  17-Jul
      26-Mar 30-Apr 15-May 25-Jun  24-Jul
      27-Mar 22-May 26-Jun  31-Jul
      Tutoring for GED

      This course is for individuals who are preparing for the GED test and would like help in specified subject areas. You will work with a qualified tutor for a total of 5 hours. The session is planned around your schedule and is very flexible; no need to book time off or worry about conflicts. If you would like to split the five hours into smaller sessions you can discuss that with your tutor. You will receive one on one, focused attention structured around the subjects of your choice.


      GED Exam Prep

      This course will prepare you to write the GED (General Educational Development) exams. Instruction will be given in five subject areas: Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science and Math as well as in test taking skills. This course is suitable for those who have a minimum Grade 10 in the last 5 years and who need to brush up on their skills in preparation for writing the GED exam.

      In many situations the GED is recognized for academic achievement for employment purposes. GED exams are scheduled throughout the year and people looking to write the exams should have at least the equivalent of a grade ten background to attempt the exam. The study guide used for this course is available in the college bookstore.

      Successful completion of the GED exam is not accepted for admission to college or university programs. Additional academic upgrading may be required for students entering some post-secondary programs. For information on the GED exam and GED Tutoring Blocks please contact Testing Services at 780-792-5715.

      For those who need to upgrade their academic skills prior to participating in this course please contact the Office of the Registrar at 780-791-4801.