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Exam Supervision Guidelines for Keyano Students

In order to write an exam outside the scheduled class writing, instructor must complete an Exam Supervision Request Form

Proof of payment must be provided to Testing Services prior to writing an exam (if applicable).


1. Determine dates and times of exams. Students will not be permitted to write an exam prior to the scheduled class writing.

2. Exams must be booked at least 2 days in advance.

3. Students should arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to start the exam at the scheduled time. Start and stop times for examinations will be strictly followed. Students who arrive late will not be permitted to start the exam and will need to have instructor approval to re-schedule the exam.

4. A government issued ID must be provided for identification purposes. 

5. Prior to the scheduled start time, all personal belongings must be placed in a locker and any personal needs addressed. All items not permitted in the exam room should be stored in the locker. Locks are provided by Testing Services.

6. Students will only be permitted to bring materials in the exam room, as per the Exam Supervision Request Form. Exceptions will only be allowed with explicit written authorization from the instructor. This includes all portable electronic devices. Please leave them in your locker.

7. Any dishonesty or cheating by a student will be subject to the disciplinary processes outlined in Keyano College’s Student Rights and Responsibilities policy.

8. Students must remain in the exam room and leave only with the permission of the exam invigilator. All breaks will be recorded and provided to the instructor. If a student leaves the exam room without permission the invigilator may terminate the exam sitting and return the exam to the instructor. Breaks will not extend exam time. Students are not permitted to leave the exam within the first 30 minutes.

9. Students who are unable to attend a scheduled exam should notify the course instructor and cancel the appointment by contacting Testing Services at 780-791-4838 or email Students will require instructor approval to re-schedule an exam.

10. Students who are a “no show” for the scheduled exam time will not be permitted to reschedule until they have received permission from the course instructor and have paid the $25.00 “no show” fee.

Additional STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES in the case of Accommodated Exams.

11. Students should meet with Counselling and Disability Services at the beginning of each academic term to determine eligibility for exam accommodations.

12. Exams must be booked at least seven 7 days in advance to ensure availability of time, space, and any additional accommodations, such as a reader, scribe, or alternate format.


1. Instructors will be responsible for test/exams/quizzes requiring less than 1 hour of invigilation.

2. They will complete the Exam Supervision Request Form provided by the student.

3. Instructors will be notified by email when a student has booked an exam appointment.

4. Instructors must ensure exams are delivered to Testing Services in person or by email a minimum of 2 days prior to the scheduled exam. Late delivery of exams may require the student to re-schedule.

5. Instructors need to indicate on the Exam Supervision Request Form what materials, devices and resources are permitted during the examination. Also, Testing Services will require a contact number or alternate contact should the student require assistance during the exam.

6. All exams must be dropped off at Testing Services in the Bob Lamb Building (BL 152). The instructor will also ensure that Testing Services has reference material on hand that students are permitted to use (e.g. certain code books, ABSA regulations, OH&S Guidelines, Safety Codes Act of Alberta)

7. Instructors should pick up the completed exams within 24 hours.

Additional INSTRUCTOR RESPONSIBILITIES in the case of Accommodated Exams.

8. Instructors must ensure exams are delivered to Testing Services in person or by email a minimum of two (2) days prior to exam date. Late delivery of exams may require the student to re-schedule. Sufficient advance notice is required to allow Counselling and Disabilities Services to schedule readers or scribes.


1. Show courtesy to students while safeguarding the integrity of the examination materials and process.

2. Prepare the examination room and inspect all areas of the examination room prior to all exam sessions.

3. For online examinations, ensure the computers have access to the required test site.

4. Provide supplies available for student use including, but not limited to, sharpened pencils, pens, erasers, tissues, and clean note paper.

5. Ensure all student identification is properly checked prior to the exam.

6. The invigilator will only answer questions regarding the examination procedures.

7. Invigilators will ensure that start and end times of the exam are displayed and recorded.

8. Invigilators must never leave the examination room unattended.

9. If a student asks to leave the examination room due to illness, invigilators will record the circumstances and advise the instructor.

10. If there is a power failure, or any other disruption while the exam session is in progress, invigilators will either allow continuation of the writing or cancel the writing and inform the instructor(s).

11. Should a student violate the examination procedures, the invigilator will permit him/her to complete the exam.

Invigilators will exercise discretion during any instance of suspected academic dishonesty, and use reasonable measures to prevent further dishonesty. Invigilators will document all details of the perceived violation and report the violation as soon as possible to Testing Services Program Coordinator and the appropriate program Chairperson.

Additional INVIGILATOR RESPONSIBILITIES in the case of Accommodated Exams.

12. There are no extra duties involved in the invigilation of Accommodated Exams.

Placement Tests:


1. Prospective students will meet with a Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar.

2. Prospective students need to complete the Placement/Entrance Test Referral Form provided by the Office of the Registrar.

3. The form, once completed, should be taken to Testing Services to book an appointment to complete the Accuplacer assessment.

4. Once the assessment is completed, the prospective student will be given a printed copy of the results. The student will need to meet once again with the Student Advisor in the Office of the Registrar to review the results of the assessment.

5. Prospective students who are a “no show” for the assessment time will not be permitted to reschedule until the $25.00 “no show” fee is paid.