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Shifting to Wellness


Working shiftwork can be challenging and sometimes difficult. Like any other problem we face, it is important to take a solution-focused approach. Working shifts calls for Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration and Creativity.

One fifth of all North American workers are shift workers. They face many challenges due to their shiftwork schedules. Sometimes these challenges are greater when more than one family member works shifts.

Healthy lifestyle choices will lessen any of the challenges of shiftwork. There is no "miracle" shift system that will solve all of the problems. A system that is ideal for one organization or one individual may not work for others. The goal is to develop practical strategies and take on a healthy lifestyle to meet the challenges of shiftwork.

Strategies for Shifting to Wellness are addressed in the following modules:

  1. Understanding the Background and Looking Ahead to Shifting to Wellness
  2. A New Look at Shiftwork
  3. Managing Sleep, Maintaining Attentiveness and Preventing Fatigue
  4. The Key to Managing Change
  5. Don't Let Stress Hijack Your Life
  6. Priority and Self-Management
  7. Maximizing Energy and Health with Nutrition
  8. Following an Active Living Lifestyle
  9. Relationships and Community