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Course Description


R.A.C. is an IRATA & SPRAT company O/T 1008 certified.

CEIRA100 IRATA Level 1 (40 hours)

You will learn how to work safely and efficiently perform as a Rope Access technician. By completing your certification course you demonstrate that you are capable of preforming a wide range of tasks at height under the direct supervision of a more experienced technician. Trainings include an overview of relevant guidelines and legislation, risk assessment, standard safety checks, communication methods and the usage and maintenance of all necessary rope access equipment.


CEIRA200 IRATA Level 2 (40 hours)

The IRATA level 2 course develops and advances all of the basic rope access skills covered in Level 1. In addition to all techniques reviewed in level 1, more advanced safety, rescue and systems analysis skills are covered in-depth. This includes furthering knowledge of all relevant legislation and quality assurance procedures. The level 2 certification is a stepping stone towards achieving a full IRATA Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor certification.


CEIRA300 IRATA Level 3 (40 hours)

The success and safety of any rope access operation is based on adequate supervision. IRATA level 3 certification provides advanced training in theoretical concepts, safety legislation, systems analysis, equipment inspection, risk assessment and site management. Once certified, Level 3 Safety Supervisors are responsible for the safety and supervision of a team of workers.


CESPR100 SPRAT Level 1 (40 hours)

Level I Rope Access Workers are capable of executing basic rope access job tasks under the supervision of a Level III Rope Access Supervisor. General rescue skills and the usage of rigging setups will be covered in detail. This includes equipment such as Load-Sharing Anchors and Shock-absorbing lanyards. You will learn all of the fundamental techniques for working on ropes in a team setting.


CESPR200 SPRAT Level 2 (40 hours)

Level II Rope Access Technicians are capable of executing all Level I skills with speed and efficiency. The course is focused on advancing worker abilities in positioning, rigging and rescue. Once certified you will be capable of conducting rope access operations, maintaining access equipment and evaluating the safety of rope access systems.


CESPR300 SPRAT Level 3 (40 hours)

Level III Rope Access Supervisors are highly competent in the setup, use and analysis of all rigging, rescue and fall protection systems. Developing team leadership and site supervisory skills are important components of this training program. Advanced rescues are the most crucial aspect of training; the course will repeatedly challenge candidates to preform difficult rescues under every possible circumstance. Special attention is also given to job site documentation and relevant legislation.