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Course Descriptions

Note: Students will receive credit towards the Strategic Leadership in Action certificate for the following courses:

  • On the Job Training & Coaching
  • Capitalizing on Diversity
  • Evaluating Employees & Training Programs.

Training Needs Assessment

7 Hours
Managers, Trainers and Human Resources Professionals all need to ensure training programs further organizational goals, help employees succeed and are perceived to be relevant to the people who attend. Training needs assessments is the primary tool to ensure training programs are on the mark. This class is ideal for professionals who design and deliver training and want to ensure positive results.

Program Design

21 Hours
Training is a complex activity and must be carefully planned. Too often when technical experts are hired to conduct training sessions little thought is given to the planning and design of the instruction. Design and preparation of a training course usually consumes more time than delivery of the material. This workshop reviews steps for effective planning and delivery of a training course.

Transfer of Learning

7 Hours
Workplace trainers select initiatives to share knowledge in an organization. Discover how to determine and use resources, technology and materials to support these initiatives. During this one-day course, participants examine best practices in linking learning activities to job and organizational requirements.

Capitalizing on Diversity

7 Hours
Workforces are becoming increasingly diverse and workplace cultures are changing. Leaders play a significant role in managing teams and training adults from different generations, various continents, faiths and lifestyles or living with varying abilities. Participants will learn how to create a safe and respectful working environment for employees/ adult learners and capitalize on the benefits of a diverse workplace. This course will demonstrate essential skills for working with a diverse workforce.

NOTE: This course is also eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate 

Evaluating Employees & Training Programs

14 Hours
How do leaders know if their training program is effective and how do they evaluate it? How can they objectively measure the performance of each employee? This course provides participants with strategies to answer these questions. In learning about the evaluation process, participants will develop skills to assess training programs and set performance expectations to support team goals and organizational vision. They will practice conducting training program evaluations and use strategies to provide effective feedback to employees.

NOTE: This course is also eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate 

Effective Workplace Training

39 Hours
An active, engaging course aimed at new workplace training professionals or those who just want to hone their skills. Students will learn the foundations of effective facilitation, develop an understanding of the adult learner and the instructional process, gain a variety of classroom management techniques and have opportunities to practice new skills.

PRE-COURSE ASSIGNMENT REQUIRED: all pre-course assignments are due at the beginning of the first class.

On the Job Training & Coaching

7 Hours
Today’s busy organizations don’t have the luxury of offering lengthy training programs to frontline employees. Coaching plays a critical role in maintaining a skilled workforce, achieving results and increasing productivity. This course will provide participants an effective on the job training
model, giving them the skills to coach and lead in situations such as problem solving, performance management, conflict resolution and succession planning.

NOTE: This course is also eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate 

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