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The Canadian Society of Training and Development is Canada’s leading association of workplace learning professionals. It sets the standards for training and development in Canada.


The Keyano Workplace Trainer Certificate, a series of seven courses designed to prepare workplace trainers, facilitators or mentors, is a program of study recognized by the society. The certificate addresses the competency categories for the training and development industry outlined in the society’s Training Competency Architecture. Students enrolled in this program are eligible for student membership in the society, and graduates are given a one year credit towards the work experience requirement of the Certified Training and Development Professional designation or Certified Training Practitioner.

NOTE: Students will receive credit towards the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate for the following courses: On the Job Training & Coaching, Capitalizing on Diversity, and Evaluating Employees & Training Programs.

Students please note: All course material will be provided to students on first day of class.

 Textbooks are available for purchase at Keyano Bookstore.

• This program can be completed in one year, depending on course availability.

• Minimum of 80% attendance is required in all courses.

  • Schedule & Fees
  • Course Descriptions
  • Course Contents
    • 7 courses to complete Workplace Trainer Program
    • CETRAIN100 Training Needs Assessment
    • CETRAIN200 Program Design
    • CETRAIN800 On the Job Training & Coaching
    • CETRAIN400 Capitalizing on Diversity
    • CELEAD412 Evaluating Employees & Training Programs
    • CETRAIN700 Transfer of Learning
    • CETRAIN500 Effective Workplace Training
  • Textbooks- there are no required textbooks for this program

  • Program Admission & Requirements

    No requirement for this program.

  • Access Your Grade

    Once your grade is available, you will receive an email from your instructor.  To access your grade, please go to  Please ensure that your student file is up to date.  To update your file, please call the Office of the Registrar at 780-792-2688.  For more information, please read instructions on how to access your Keyano Student Network Account.

  • Request Your Program Completion Certificate

    Please send Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive your program certificate

  • Student Testimonial

    “Set good examples, let us dictate how the course would go to achieve goals. Very easy going and Personable. She made class fun. I would take any class she teaches. Thanks!”

    “Awesome instructor, makes classes fun and interesting approachable. Reflects in her teaching style that she loves what she does.”

    “The course was put together very well. Topics flowed from one to another making understanding content easier. Very relevant to my current job.”

    “Well prepared, made course interesting. The instructor made effort to integrate group and make everybody feel comfortable.

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