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Supply Management Training Textbook Information

The following Technical Courses require textbooks and students now have the option of purchasing the hard copy or a limited time electronic version through Nelson Education Canada. Click the links below to order online. Textbook fees are not included in tuition.

Textbook Directions - How To Open Your VitalSource Ebook.pdf

CESUPLY100 - Introduction To Logistics:

Principles of Supply Chain Management, 4th Edition, by Joel D. Wisener, Keah-Choon Tan, Keong Leong, 2009, South-Western

ISBN: 10-538-47548X

CESUPLY103 - Introduction To Operations Management:

OM5 by David Allan Collier, James R. Evans, 2015 Edition, South-Western CENGAGE Learning

CESUPLY101 - Introduction To Procurement:

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 6th edition, by Monczka, Handfield, Guinipero, and Patterson, South-Western CENGAGE Learning 

ISBN: 1-285-86968-0 

CESUPLY102 - Introduction To Transportation:

Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective, 8th Edition, by Coyle, Novack, Gibson & Bardi, South-Western

ISBN-10: 13359296-1


The following Seminar Courses do not require textbooks. All readings are included in the provided Reading Manual on

These courses require pre-course reading prior to attending class. Once you have registered for the course, students can log into iLearn to access course materials;

CESUPLY201 - Introduction to Finance & Accounting

CESUPLY203 - Introduction to Business Planning

CESUPLY204 - Introduction to Marketing

CESUPLY210 - Communication and Relationship Skills

CESUPLY230 - Negotiation Skills

CESUPLY250 - Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation & Contract Management