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Supply Management Training Online

All four introduction technical courses and three advanced standing courses are available online

Business and soft skill seminars are only available in class (Schedule & Fees)

1. Apply for admission to the SMT program

Visit your provincial or territorial website (, to apply for admission to the SMT program. Enrolment in the program is optional but must be submitted in order to receive the certification once all course components are complete.


2. Register at the portal.  If you have registered with SCMA before please use the same primary email address to login and password.  If you are new to the system you will be required to create an online user account following the instructions below. Once you have completed the login process you can register for the course you want and complete your payment.


Students can sign up for a login and password as follows and then can register and pay for the courses they wish from the list available.  Advanced Standing Courses and PSPP101 Introduction to Public Sector Procurement are also available for registration on the course list.