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Advanced Standing

Completion of the Supply Management Training Program (SMT) under the new structure (See SMT Chart in the calendar) plus the three courses listed under the Advanced Standing will allow students to enroll in the Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program (SCMP).

Advanced Standing

  • Principles of Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Operations Workflow
  • Case Study Report Writing

Students have a minimum of 30 days to complete each course.

Additionally, students who are interested in enrolling in the SCMP Designation Program must have the following prerequisites:

Completion of the Business Degree/ Diploma or Management Studies (Introduction to Business, Accounting, Finance, Business Communications, Marketing, Economics, and Organizational Behaviour - minimum of 6 courses)

The combination of all the requirements above will exempt students from the following courses in the SCMP Designation Program:

  • Module #1: Supply Chain Management (13 weeks)
  • Module #3: Logistics and Transportation (13 weeks)
  • Communications and Relational Skills (2 days)
  • Negotiation Skills (4 days)
  • Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Management (2 days)

The Supply Chain Management Association recognizes prior supply chain management education from post secondary institutions accredited by the association. SCMA has therefore allowed for both individual advanced standing as well as program-to-program advanced standing acquired through a post-secondary degree program accredited by SCMA.
NOTE: Advanced academic standing is subject to approval. You will receive a letter of confirmation when your information has been assessed. Please allow four to six weeks for your application to be processed. Candidates who have not completed a degree/diploma but have taken some business courses at the university or college level can apply for exemptions against individual business courses.

For more information please visit the SCMA website or email Alisha Adraktas at