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Strategic Leadership in Action

This program provides tools to improve supervisory skills, broaden business knowledge, practice effective communication, enhance teamwork approaches, and increase productivity and organizational effectiveness.

As participants progress through the program, they will examine each skill in-depth and acquire strategies and tools for human resource and project management. This certificate is beneficial to anyone in a leadership position. Participants will learn about high performance leadership skills and the principles to empower teams through hands-on activities, experiential case studies and self-assessment and through the real-life business experiences of instructors and fellow participants.

NOTE: Students will receive credit towards the Workplace Trainer Certificate for the following courses: On the Job Training & CoachingCapitalizing on Diversity, and Evaluating Employees & Training Programs

All course material will be provided to students on first day of class

• This program can be completed in one year, depending on course availability.

• Minimum of 80% attendance required in all courses.

  • Schedule & Fees
  • Course Descriptions
  • Textbooks - There are no required textbooks in this program 
  • Program Contents
    • 6 Courses to complete certificate
    • Leading People
    • On the Job Training and Coaching
    • Capitalizing on Diversity
    • Communication Techniques for Leaders
    • Evaluating Employees & Training Programs
    • High Performance Teams

Note: Students will receive credit towards the Workplace Trainer Certificate for the following courses: On the Job Training & Coaching, Capitalizing on Diversity, and Evaluating Employees & Training Programs.

  • Program Admission & Requirements

    There aren't any prerequisite required for this program. 

  • Access Your Grade

    Once your grade is available, you will receive an email from your instructor.  To access your grade, please go to  Please ensure that your student file is up to date.  To update your file, please call the Office of the Registrar at 780-792-2688.  For more information, please read instructions for setting up your Keyano Student Network Account

  • Request Your Program Completion Certificate

    Please send Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive your program certificate

  • Student Testimonials
  • “I have a lot of ideas to bring back with us. I learned how to bring changes to the team.”
  • “I felt motivated from this Leadership in Action course. I feel confident in applying the information to my work and everyday life.”
  • “The instructor is extremely engaging and helpful on all questions. The examples of actual events and situations helps to put things in prospective and to really understand how it would be used or how it would be effective.”

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