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The key to business success starts with professional bookkeeping. The Professional Bookkeeping Certificate is designed to offer participants a thorough understanding of bookkeeping techniques and practices and how to apply them using both manual and computerized methods. Textbooks are available for purchase at Keyano Bookstore.

Students entering the Professional Bookkeeping Certificate program are expected to have computer skills that include the comprehensive understanding of word processing, spreadsheets and website navigation. Students will be expected to demonstrate these computer skills throughout the program. For students who DO NOT have the required computer skills, it is recommended to enroll in CECOMP100 Computer Fundamentals 

This certificate has been updated to include some courses in blended learning format. Students will be required to spend some time in class and some hours on their own with an online learning component. Students will access iLearn for all course materials and online components within the course time-frame. This is designed to increase accessibility and flexibility within the program. Textbooks are available for purchase at Keyano Bookstore.

For more information on this change visit our iLearn Course Access Information page.

• This program can be completed in one year, depending on course availability.
• Minimum of 80% attendance required in all courses.
• Passing grade for all courses is 60% (excluding Excel Level 1 & Level 2)

  • Access Your Grade

    Once your grade is available, you will receive an email from your instructor.  To access your grade, please go to  Please ensure that your student file is up to date.  To update your file, please call the Office of the Registrar at 780-792-2688.  For more information, please read instructions for accessing your account.

  • Request Your Program Completion Certificate

    Please send Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive your program certificate

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