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Maintenance Management Professional Certification



Developed and authorized by the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada, the Maintenance Management Professional (MMPCertificate program provides training and accreditation. Certified MMP’s provide cost effective management of a business’s physical assets. 

Graduates have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets; return on investment and effective communication between departments

Textbooks are available for purchase at Keyano Bookstore. 

While not mandatory, it’s strongly recommended that modules be completed in order. Individuals who successfully complete all eight modules and become members of the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) can apply to receive a Maintenance Management Professional designation. The courses in this certificate program are eligible for the Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) program, through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training, and earn Continuing Education Unit Credits for both Alberta and Ontario Water/ Waste Water Operators.

Applicants for MMP certification with previous experience or skills in the subject areas covered in the modules can apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. This can reduce the amount of classroom time required to obtain the MMP certificate. See the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition section of the MMP Course Training Standard at for full details.

 Textbooks are available for purchase at Keyano Bookstore.

• This program can be completed in one year, depending on course availability.
• Minimum of 80% attendance required in all courses.
• Passing grade for all courses is 60%

  • Schedule and Fees
  • Course Description
  • Textbooks
  • Additional Software Application Courses
  • Program Content

    8 course to complete Maintenance Management Professional Program

    • Module 1: An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
    • Module 2: Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
    • Module 3: Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager
    • Module 4: Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
    • Module 5: Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics
    • Module 6: Maintenance Work Management 
    • Module 7: Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
    • Module 8: Capstone Course
  • Pre-course Assignment

    There is no pre-course assignments for this program.

  • Course Prerequisites

    Students must complete all other Maintenance Management Professional courses before taking Capstone Project

  • Program Admission & Requirements

    There are no entrance requirements however; it is strongly recommended that individuals have a high school diploma and a maintenance function at their workplace or prior trades related experience.

  • Student Attendance

    A minimum of 80% attendance required in all courses.

  • Credit for Prior Experience

    In considering your goal to earn the MMP certification, you may think that you have already acquired some of the knowledge and skills selected for acquisition in any of the MMP modules 2-7

  • Access Your Grade

    Once your grade is available, you will receive an email from your instructor.  To access your grade, please go to  Please ensure that your student file is up to date.  To update your file, please call the Office of the Registrar at 780-792-2688.  For more information, please read Student Network Account Information

  • Request Your Program Completion Certificate
      Please send Application for Graduation to the Office of the Registrar in order to receive your program certificate
    • Student Testimonials

      “Excellent. Very good revision of all the topics related to Maintenance.”

      “Very enthusiastic about the course and lot of related experience.”

      “Instructor was able to provide practical examples of Maintenance problems and solutions.”

      “He did a really great job! Clearly knew the subject content. I really like his style of teaching.”

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