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Operations and Reliability Strategy

14 Hours

This module provides a team-based environment for learning how industry manages equipment and assets and how jobs get pushed through the approval process. Key topics include Equipment Strategies, Operator Maintenance, and Work Prioritization.

Asset Planning

14 Hours

The basics of planning maintenance activities are addressed in this module; planning processes are defined and job plan creation is explored. Planning is future-based but the importance of Planners monitoring execution and acquiring feedback is fundamental to the success of a project. Practical exercises allow participants to practice these skills in a team-based environment.


Asset Scheduling

14 Hours

Managing a daily backlog and ensuring prioritized activities are enabled in the most economical way are focus areas of this module. Why do we schedule to 100%? Who owns the schedule? There is much debate over these questions and discussion will provide answers and ideas for running a successful project schedule. Practical exercises allow participants to practice these skills in a team based environment.


Execution Coordination and Closure

14 Hours

This module focuses on how to identify and isolate problems using proven troubleshooting methodology. You will learn how to process factual information and quickly focus on the root cause - a skill crucial to facilitate continuous improvement and eliminating sources of repetitive problems.
The Execution Process is defined and focus is placed on how urgent work can be done quickly.


Supply Chain

14 Hours

Optimizing your inventory while ensuring the critical spares are available for production is essential in supply chain management. This module will provide you with the costs associated with maintenance inventory and provide discussion on various inventory management strategies. Participants will learn how to get the right material, at the right place, and at the right time.


Turnaround Planning

14 Hours

This module highlights project management and team communication concepts applied to identifying and controlling shutdown risks. Participants practice their skills in a team-based exercise. This module involves intensive Planning and Scheduling techniques. It is suggested that modules 2 and 3 be completed before attempting this module.


Asset Project

14 Hours

This module combines all core subjects within the Asset Planning and Management Certificate Program in a cumulative real-world plant maintenance project. Participants will gain a full understanding of the overall process through a practical simulation and problem solving team-based project.

PREREQUISITE: Students must have successfully completed APM Modules 1-6 before taking this course.

NOTE: While not required, it is recommended that modules be taken in order.

The revised Asset Planning & Management modules and the Asset Planning & Management-online modules are transferable. For more information, please contact Continuing Education Office at 780-715-3903 or email