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Personal Financial Planning and Investing

This course will provide you with the basic information for personal financial planning and investing. Whether you are just starting out or planning your retirement, this course will provide you the knowledge to achieve your financial goals sooner. Learning will take place in the form of discussions, assignments and emphasize the use of interactive learning materials to ensure greater knowledge retention. This course is a must for individuals and families that wish to increase their financial literacy.

You will learn how to:

  • Evaluate and develop various streams of income
  • Invest with confidence: understand risk tolerance and investment objectives
  • Research and evaluate various financial products
  • Spot investment scams
  • Discuss financial markets
  • Evaluate tax-favored, tax-deferred and tax-free investing
  • Understand methods of tax savings
  • Gain insight into retirement planning
  • Invest in Real Estate
  • Make money using Internet Marketing

This course also provides the foundation for individuals interested in a career in the financial sector. (25 Hrs)

  • Schedule & Fees
  • Textbook
    • No Textbook is required for this course. Students will receive student handouts on the first day of the class.