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Leadership Speaking Mastery- Online Program

The Speech Science program is offered in partnership with Keyano College and Bonnie Gross Associates. This program consists of five online courses and two optional coaching add-on options delivered through Keyano College's online platform. 

Who would benefit from this program?

1)    English Speaking Mastery- Individuals who speak English as an additional language and would like to improve on pronunciation, speech rhythm and flow, intonation, and strong communication skills,

2)    All will benefit from “Fearless Public Speaking”, “Conversation with Confidence”, “Body Language and Power”, “Leadership Speaking for Women”. Everyone who wishes to greatly improve, communication techniques, public speaking, presentations, and social/business conversations, and interviews will benefit from these courses.

How to Register:

Please click here for registration information.

Program Information:

Students have access to regular online coaching, tips, self-tests, and prompts as they proceed through the 12 weeks of the course. All courses are self-paced and students have access to each course for 12 months for continuous practice.

All course materials are provided to students online. There is no required textbook for this program.

After you register for the course you will receive an email with your Keyano username and password. Courses start on the first day of each month.

Students can choose to just do online courses or also have the option of more in depth coaching and testing with 2 add-on options, CESPEAK150 or CESPEAK250. More details below.


Course Descriptions:

CESPEAK100 - English Speaking Mastery

Perfect Pronunciation, Sentence Flow, and Intonation 

84 Hours - $400+GST

Description: The GOAL of this highly interactive online course is to teach you clear and confident English pronunciation, word stress, sentence flow and Intonation, to ensure that people understand you perfectly the first time you speak, that they appreciate the value of  your ideas, and that you can reach your full potential. This course is 12 weeks in duration but students have access for 12 months for practice purposes.

Break Through Communication Barriers:

speak English clearly, and confidently in presentations and meetings 

never be asked to repeat yourself 

have complete confidence in your pronunciation 

 In This Course You Will:  

Make improvements to your pronunciation, sentence rhythm, and intonation, to achieve a clear North American accent 

Understand your personal accent errors, and how to improve them 

Convince people with your intonation 

Learn to speak with flowing words and sentences 

   ▪ Improve listening skills. 

   ▪ Receive an outstanding take home practice tool –


CESPEAK150 - Private Coaching & Testing


Description: This course add-on option offers one-on-one pronunciation, speech rhythm, pacing, English language flow coaching and testing. Students can interact with a certified Speech Pathologist to test their English speaking skills before and after training and receive language coaching sessions via phone or video conference. This course includes a personal assessment of pronunciation, speech rhythm, language flow and intonation, at the beginning of a 12-week course and another test to monitor progress at the end of the 12 weeks. 

This coaching and testing option is intended to be taken in conjunction with one of the 5 Speech Science courses (CESPEAK100, CESPEAK200, CESPEAK300, CESPEAK400, CESPEAK500). 

This course includes a Language assessment at the beginning of a 12-week course and another test to monitor progress at the end of the 12 weeks. Students will also receive three one-on-one sessions (30 minutes) with a certified language pathologist to work on specific language strengths and weaknesses.


CESPEAK200 - Fearless Public Speaking

Speak, Act and Look Like a Leader

8 Hours - $150+GST

Description: When there are 2 people with the same skills entering a room, delivering a speech, or participating in a meeting– it’s the person who looks, act and sounds like a leader who is memorable in every way. Make sure next time—it’s YOU!

This class teaches you the skills not usually taught in traditional “presentation skills” courses. You will learn secrets of how to speak, look, and act like a leader. Don’t be the one who is passed over! 

Don’t Panic! Being a calm, confident, and presenter with impact starts before you write the first line - it starts with what and how you think.  

 Learn the Skills of the Pros - the speaking skills of great public speakers, such as John F. Kennedy and Steve Jobs, who have used their voices and speaking style to exude power and influence. 

▪ Overcome anxiety 

▪ Deliver a powerful message 

▪ Sound natural and conversational 

▪ Get rid of annoying speech habits such as “um” and “up” tone 

▪ Capture and hold the attention of your audience 

▪ Improve your voice projection 

▪ Learn to be a great “virtual” speaker on conference calls and webinars


CESPEAK250 - Private Language Tutoring


Description: This course add-on option matches each student with a certified Speech Pathologist. This package includes six one-on-one speech coaching sessions of 30 minutes each with a certified Speech Pathologist.  Each coach has the expertise and the unique ability to diagnose each client’s individual speaking strengths and weaknesses and create a customized program to ensure that all needs are addressed. 98% of our clients have achieved excellent measurable results in their speaking clarity, power, style and confidence.

This speech tutoring option is intended to be taken in conjunction with one of the 5 Speech Science courses (CESPEAK100, CESPEAK200, CESPEAK300, CESPEAK400, CESPEAK500). 


CESPEAK300 - Leadership Speaking Skills for Women

Be Heard! – Through the Glass Ceiling

8 Hours - $200+GST

Description: Thirty years after women became 50 percent of the college graduates in the North America, men still hold the vast majority of leadership positions in government, industry, and in professional firms including Law and Accounting. This means that women’s voices are still not heard equally in the decisions that most affect our lives. In her recent bestseller -Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, identified that one of the major problems holding women back is the faulty way women communicate to upper management, colleagues, and clients in business situations. 

Please join Bonnie Gross, in “the ladies room,” to learn and improve speaking skills to make people recognize the true value of your ideas and help you reach your full potential. 

Use your voice, your tone, and your choice of words as powerful business tools. 

Communicate your message so others will listen. 

Get rid of negative speech habits such as “um” and poor pronunciation.  

Effectively use your posture and facial expression to make people listen to your ideas. 

Discover your inner feelings and attitudes about being strong in business. 

WOW your audience in presentations 


CESPEAK400 - Secrets of Confident Conversation

Conversational Intelligence

8 Hours - $150+GST

Description: If you feel uncomfortable and shy at networking events, in meetings, and or at social functions, then this workshop is for you.  Gain skills and confidence in how to act, what to say, and how to leave a great impression.

 Learn how to project confidence in business & social situations: 

How to enter a room full of strangers

Make people want to listen to what you have to say!  

Enter a room so that people want to talk to you 

Introductions and how to remember names (including your own!) 

How to start a conversation and what to talk about when you don’t know what to say 

What to say (and do) in difficult situations, such as pronouncing a name incorrectly 

Say goodbye so that people remember you! 

Look good socially!


CESPEAK500 - Body Language, Presence, and Power

The Conversation Starts before You Speak

8 Hours - $150+GST

Description: 73% of what we communicate to other people is through our body language and facial expression. We may say one thing, but “project” a different message. Did you know that we are subconsciously judged by our body movements and facial expressions?

This workshop will help you:

Identify your own positive and negative habits

Learn great new habits

Understand the habits of famous people, and why they work and don’t work

Learn what exactly we mean by “presence” – and why we want it?

Practice great body language for business meetings

Practice great body language while presenting

Practice great body language for networking (Can you talk, stand, and eat at the same time? Learn the secret)