At Keyano Theatre we hope that you will have fun playing with us while learning some new skills.

Contact our Patron Services Coordinator for more information on these opportunities.

Here are just a few of the areas you can help:

 Front of House

Usher – When patrons arrive, hand out programs and help them to their seats. Shine a light for patrons if they arrive or have to leave in the dark.


Ticket Taker – Be the host at the door when patrons arrive, greet them and make sure they get to the ushers inside the theatre.


Wardrobe (stitcher/builder) – We can always use someone who loves to sew. Stay in the wardrobe shop and work or bring projects home. We also have smaller projects that don’t require a machine, or projects that are more of the hot glue variety, for those who are crafty.


Wardrobe (dresser) - As a dresser you will help actors get into costumes and with hair and make-up.


Spotlight Operator (Follow spot) –For our musicals we require follow spot operators who follow the actors onstage with our Spot Lights.


Running Crew – On our shows we have a need for some people who do odd jobs backstage, from scene changes to making sure actors have their props.


Fly Operator – Keyano Theatre is equipped with a Fly Tower where we fly in set pieces on a counterweight system. You could pull the ropes and have a bird’s eye view of the show!


Sound Assistant –As Sound Assistant you’ll be helping our Head of Sound put mics on the actors and then you’ll pressing the GO button on the sound effects and music!


Assistant Stage Manager – Be involved with every aspect of production! Assisting the Stage Manager in running rehearsals, making sure all the props are where they need to be, making sure the show runs smooth (with the help of your running crew) and that the actors are taken care of.


Carpentry – If you have some carpentry skills or want to learn some carpentry skills we can always use a bit of help for shows.


Backstage Crew for concerts - Get up close to the action while working Backstage on our Syncrude Arts Alive season.


Audition Assistant – Help to pep talk our "auditioners" and assist them to fill out their forms and get ready.

director assisting actors in a scene