Tutoring and Study Support

Tutoring services for registered Keyano students

Keyano College offers tutoring and study supports through the Skill Centre, which is located in room CC-119 of the Clearwater Campus.  This is a learning space where you can study, share ideas, collaborate on projects, and engage with our staff.  The Skill Centre has multiple computers available and a conference room (that can be reserved) for collaborative group work.

The Skill Centre is staffed from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday to Friday with evening and weekend services available depending on tutor schedules.  Please check the daily schedules posted in the Skill Centre for additional hours.  We offer free tutoring services for all registered Keyano students. 

The Skill Centre is open for independent study outside of staffed hours 7 days/week.  For all inquiries, please email the Skill Centre or call 780-792-5730.

Peer tutor program

Our peer tutor program connects you with knowledgeable peer tutors in your program of study. Our tutors have successfully completed your course material and can clearly explain course concepts.

 Become a peer tutor


Interested in tutoring? We provide paid tutoring positions and flexible hours that will fit your course schedule. Contact the Skill Centre for peer tutor opportunities.

In order to become a peer tutor, you must:

  • Be a registered student at Keyano College
  • Have a B+ average in the course(s) that you'd like to tutor
  • Have good communication skills
  • Enjoy teaching one-on-one

Tutoring session tips

In order to get the most out of your tutoring sessions, you should come prepared to discuss your course material.

 Here are a few tips to make each session a success:

  • Have your notes and textbooks with you.
  • Have your course syllabus and handouts or assignment instructions with you.
  • Attempt the work prior to your appointment and identify where you need help.
  • Don't expect us to provide answers to questions (We will help explain concepts but you need to complete all your work).
  • Don't wait until the last minute to get help.
  • Be active during tutoring sessions and work with your tutor.
  • Tell us if we are moving too quickly.


Apprenticeship support services

If you are an apprenticeship student, you can use our apprenticeship support services for extra help with your courses. We provide tutors as well as math, study, and testing resources specifically for apprenticeship students. For more information, please contact the Trades Department at 780-791-4881.

Continuing Education support services

If you are interested in taking the GED, DAT or a language assessment such as ESL (English as a Second Language) you can purchase a tutoring session (five hour block). Our tutors can plan the session times around your schedule. You can choose to attend the session in one meeting or split the times up into separate sessions.  You can complete the Tutorial Request Form and bring it to our offices or request a paper copy. For additional information, please contact the Continuing Education Department at 780-715-3903.

Student advisors

Student advisors are available to make sure you meet all of your program requirements at the college. They can help with admissions, program application, course selection and registration.

Academic Success Coach

The Academic Success Coach offers you support and access to resources for your academic success to help you to find the Keys to your Success.  They can help with your academic success plan, study and time management skills and connecting you with the right resources here at Keyano.  Book at appoinment today via email or by calling 780-791-8934.

Learning help and support

We provide learning help and support through a collection of resources, including study materials, mathematics resources, chemistry resources, and writing and language tips.

Exam preparation

We have study guides that you can use to for exam preparation. These guides give study pointers and guidelines for taking written and multiple-choice exams.

Study spaces

Study groups are a great way to meet friends and learn course material. Create or join a study group on campus and take advantage of our study spaces on campus.