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Keyano College is closely monitoring COVID-19 and is following the advice of Alberta Health Services and other reliable agencies as the situation evolves. Please note, this web page will be updated regularly as part of the effort to keep our students informed with the most up-to-date information.

Student Supports and Services - Fall 2020

Due to the continuing situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, the following support services will be offered virtually. All student services are available during Keyano business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Fall 2020 Program & Course Delivery Information

Download - Fall 2020 Course Delivery Table

The Fall 2020 Course Delivery tables contain information on program and course delivery for Fall 2020. Delivery format is subject to change. The Program Delivery and Course Delivery tables contain information available at the time of publication. These tables will not be updated regularly.

As this is a rapidly changing environment, please regularly review Keyanomail, Moodle, and Course-Outlines for updates.

  • Power Engineering CML will be delivered using an online format.
  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) will be delivered using an online format.
  • Apprenticeship training for the Fall 2020 semester will be delivered using an online format for theory courses and a face-to-face format for shop or lab components.
  • Courses are intended to be delivered at their scheduled time.  Some program areas may deliver individual courses using a high-flex model. Faculty will communicate with students through Keyanomail, Moodle and Course-Outlines the expectations of individual courses.
  • Discuss with your faculty before the start of classes if you are unable to attend a scheduled lecture or course component due to COVID19.

If you are enrolled in a course that is not listed in the Fall 2020 Course Delivery Table, please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

For more information on delivery format, please discuss with program chair for your area.

Accessibility and Accommodation 

If you have a functional limitation or disability, Accessibility Services will support you by providing accommodations, adaptive technologies and learning strategies to facilitate your learning.
• Individual and group learning strategy instruction for all students
• Meet with a Learning Strategist to learn studying and test-taking strategies
• Students with documented disabilities, or who suspect a disability, can meet with a Learning
Strategist to discuss their current learning barriers and possible accommodations
• Students who have accessed accommodations in the past are encouraged to contact us to request
them for the semester
Please contact Accessibility Services to book a virtual appointment.


Scholarships & Bursaries: Keyano College offers scholarships, bursaries, and awards to celebrate our students' achievements and provide financial support for your studies.

  • Apprenticeship Awards
  • Excellence Awards
  • Indigenous Careers Award
  • Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Award
  • Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership
  • Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship
  • Fall Awards Program
    • External Awards

Financial Aid: Keyano College students who demonstrate financial need can apply for financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

  • Learner Income Support Program
  • Government Student Loans
Health Services 

Heath & Dental Benefits: Health and dental benefits are available for students through the Student Association of Keyano College (SAKC), in partnership with insurance provider Student care.

Health Services: Health Services are free to all students. Please contact Health Services to schedule a virtual appointment for confidential nursing support.

Learning Help and Support

Learning Help and Support: Online resources compiled to help and support through the creation of learning resources, written language supports, and mathematics, chemistry, and study resources.

Tutoring & Study Support:

  • For tutoring supports please contact your instructor during office hours or by appointment to review your questions regarding course content.
  • Learning Strategist are available to ensure that you have a study system that works for your learning needs. Strategists can help you maximize instructor office hour time.

Please contact Accessibility Services to book a virtual appointment with a Learning Specialist.

School Messenger Service: Sign up to receive urgent/important messages such as safety alerts, work disruptions etc. sent

via text, email or phone.

Student Association: Provides services, leadership opportunities, and support. We advocate for Keyano College students on many issues.

Student login and email: Directions on how ow to access to your Self Service, Moodle/iLearn, and student email. If you are having issues with your student account, you can contact the ITS Helpdesk.  

  • Online resources including e-Books, eJournals, databases and videos.
  • Research help including citation guides, research strategies, evaluating resources, and video tutorials.
  • Subject guides are available and provide a list of useful provide access to course-related resources and databases in over twenty different subject areas.
  • One-on-One research and citation support available with the Librarian. Schedule a virtual meeting by using the BookA Librarian form.
    • Access your Library Account and generate your PIN for online library access. Access to your library account to see your borrowing activity, create or edit your PIN.
    • How Guide to accessing library online resources and databases off-campus.

For more information on online resources, services, and supports please Contact the Library

Student Records and Transcripts

Transcripts are an official record of all courses you have completed at educational institutions.

  • Keyano College transcripts
  • Post-secondary transcripts
  • High school transcripts

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar.


Forms: A list of over 25 forms available including the following:

  • Continuing Education Registration, Electronic Funds Transfer, Official Transcript Request, Student Change of

Information, and many more...

International Students: How to connect with the Student Association, Multicultural Services, and/or Student Life; adjusting to Canada.

Student Policies & Procedures: Keyano College is committed to sustaining a vibrant, respectful, and safe learning environment for all members of the college community, where members are in turn committed to the values of academic integrity, mutual respect and personal responsibility. All students are encouraged to review the policies and procedures.

Student Services is here to help students. Please email and we will follow up with you to determine how best to assist. All of our Student Services employees offer face-to-face online support.

Updates for students

 Student updates 

May 26 - Keyano College to Deliver Majority of Fall Courses Online

May 4, 2020 - Keyano delaying Spring Semester start until May 11

April 22, 2020 - New measures to support students affected by COVID-19

 April 7, 2020 - Winter Semester Completion - Exams, Final Grades
We know that you are or may be facing many challenges during these unprecedented times.  Keyano is committed to support you in completing your courses and programs.   

Final Grades and Course Outlines

Final grades for Winter 2020 credit courses will be assigned as per the course outline.  Generally, these are letter grades, with the exception of College Preparation and Trades programs who report in percentage, and some courses which are identified as Pass/Fail. As part of the transition to remote learning, instructors may have updated the course evaluation scheme in the course outline.  Your instructor will communicate the revised course evaluation and post it in Moodle.

If you are struggling to complete your courses, please contact your instructor and/or chairperson to explore course completion options.


Final Exams for Keyano College courses will be administered at the end of the Winter 2020 semester at the discretion of instructors.  Instructors are exploring alternative assessment such as open book exams and final assignment instead of a final exam. If final examinations are to be completed, the exam will be done remotely to keep everyone safe.   Your instructor will provide you details about how the exam will be administered online.

Exam period is from April 14 – April 22. See Keyano’s Winter 2020 exam schedule for your exam dates and times.

Student Supports

Student Services is here to help students.  For help, please email and we will follow up with you to determine how best to help.  All of our Student Services employees offer face-to-face on-line support. 

March 20, 2020 - Important student update, item retrieval 
Please note: Students and staff who need to retrieve belongings, will have access to the main campus on Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Important: After Tuesday, March 24, staff (other than executive, facilities, and some IT) will require approval from their VP or an Executive Committee member for access. All will need to sign in and out with Security at Entrance F in the Main Clearwater Campus. Facilities will begin the process of shutting down buildings after Tuesday. 

Students requiring access to computers for course completion will be accommodated through Housing.

We apologize for any inconvenience. As always, our top priority is the health and safety of our staff and students, as well as community. We encourage all to continue to practice social distancing and proper personal hygiene (proper and regular hand washing) at all times.

For the most up to date information on Keyano’s response to the pandemic, visit For the most up-to-date information about COVID-19, please visit the Government of Canada and Alberta Health websites.

Please also opt in to our messaging system, SchoolMessenger, for urgent and important messages.

March 20, 2020 - Emergency financial support for students

Students can apply for emergency financial support through the Government of Alberta that covers,

  • Food, clothing, child care, transportation, damage deposit, temporary accommodation, utility arrears (one off), and eviction prevention payments (one off).

Even if you're from another province you can apply, as technically you're an Albertan resident while at college, however, it is better that you contact you home province first.

Visit the Government of Alberta's emergency financial assistance webpage to find out more. 

The federal government is also placing a six-month interest-free moratorium on the repayment of Canada Student Loans for all individuals currently in the process of repaying these loans. Alberta Student Loan repayments will be paused for six months, beginning March 30, 2020.

March 19, 2020 - Convocation Cancelled

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present unprecedented challenges for all Albertans and for our Keyano community.

Given the rapidly evolving situation, Keyano College will cancel the 2020 Convocation ceremonies planned for this spring. Graduating students will receive their parchments through Canada Post.

We realize this is disappointing for many. Please note, although convocation ceremonies are cancelled, we are taking measures to ensure, where possible, studies can be completed online and successful students can graduate.   

  • Nursing and Practical Nursing students will be contacted directly from the Nursing Faculty regarding the status of the Pinning Ceremony. 
March 18, 2020 - COVID-19 information for apprentices

The March-April and May-June intakes for apprenticeship training are cancelled. Refunds will be automatically processed, there is no need to contact the Office of the Registrar for confirmation at this time. Refunds will be sent to the address identified in your MyTradeSecrets account.
Advanced Education has been working with eleven post-secondary institutions who deliver classroom learning to determine the best course of action that will help protect the health of apprentices, instructors and staff.
Apprentices who started classroom instruction on or after March 2, 2020 will also be refunded. Priority will be given to affected apprentices seeking to re-register for classes in the 2020/21 academic year. Details to follow.

Apprentices who started technical training before March 2, 2020 will be contacted and advised by their institution about next steps for distance learning options, assessments and completion. Apprentices who complete the program and are in good academic standing will not be required to challenge the provincial theory or practical examinations.

For more information please visit the provinces trades website. You can also contact the AIT Information Line at 1-800-248-4823 if you need information or wish to discuss your apprenticeship.

March 18, 2020 - Update for Power Engineering Coop 3rd & 4th class

Thank you for your patience while we work through the logistics of resuming delivery of Keyano’s Power Engineering COOP program.

Both Power Engineering 3rd and 4th Class will resume classes on Friday, March 20. The delivery of the program will proceed as scheduled with accommodation for time missed, if necessary. The format of delivery will be as an online/blended technology format to ensure that academic programming integrity is maintained.


Your instructors will contact you directly via email to share the updated schedule and course information.

 March 18, 2020 - Update for Continuing Education students 

We are currently in the process of converting our programs below to online delivery. To register for any upcoming online courses, please log into Self Service or call Office of the Registrar at 791-4801, or email Continuing Education registration. If you are registered in any of these programs up until the end of April, we will be contacting you for more information.

Professional Certificates

Computer Training

Shifting to Wellness

Languages (French & Spanish)

Professional Development

Online courses will be delivered via Moodle and Microsoft Teams software. Please ensure that you can log into your Keyano Mail account.

Take our fully developed online Asset Planning & Management program!

Our online partners also offer training opportunities! See online courses available with Ed2Go, MindEdge, CarriersEdge, Contendo and Speech Science.

Students affected by cancellations or postponement of the following courses will be contacted directly.
• Equipment Safety Training
• Driver Training (Class 1 MELT & Class 3)
• Testing Services
• Computer Skills Workshops

 March 16, 2020 - Student notice 

As an update to our earlier notice, please note that students will be allowed access to College buildings to access or remove personal property as well as to use college computers and study areas.

Classes remain cancelled. Over the coming days we will be moving courses online and will communicate more with you at later time about that. We encourage all students to practice social distancing and proper personal hygiene (proper and regular hand washing) at all times.

Please note: We will require students to wear students IDs while using College facilities.

This remains a quickly changing situation and we ask that all students check their emails regularly. We encourage all students to also sign up for SchoolMessenger.

We ask any students experiencing food insecurities to watch for future communications. For official information on the COVID-19 outbreak please visit the Government of Alberta webpage.

International Student FAQ

As the COVID-19 situation is continually evolving, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continue to make updates and revisions to their policies and procedures. While Keyano College strives to provide you with information that is as updated as possible, for the most recent updates please continue to monitor the following resources for the latest information as it is made available directly from IRCC and other government departments.


Programs and courses

I’m curious if there is a plan to keep fall courses online for the duration of the semester, or if students should be expecting to go from online courses to in person lectures mid way through the semester (If health officials suggest this is okay to do so)? 
Classes will be offered online with the exception of labs, shops and work place and other practical experiences. It is anticipated that courses will be offered on a schedule and that students will be expected to be available for online instruction during the set schedule, although exceptions may exist. The goal is that the format for course delivery will not change throughout the semester. 
It seems the U of A is doing online courses in the fall. I’m in my 4th year of Bachelor of Education doing it at the Keyano Campus. Is there any plans on having those classes in an online format also? 
Fall courses in year 4 of the education program will have an online component but we are not sure exactly what that will look like yet. Students will be notified via their ualberta email accounts when those details have been sorted out. 
I am a second year college student who finished a year of Pre-Nursing. With the conditions of the virus going on, and being an Aboriginal applicant, will the applicant acceptance for April 15th still be in motion? I have not gotten any response since it still says pending. What will happen to those who get accepted into the BScN program for 2020-2021? And when will I know if I get accepted or not? 
Qualified nursing applications have not been evaluated at this time and a date to do this has not been set. The nursing program is particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis which has caused the clinical practice education experiences to be disrupted, like all other programs. As we work to address these challenges our acceptance of applicants has been delayed. We intend to have admission decisions made by June 30. Thank you for your patience as we work through the challenges of our current time. We also commend you for your commitment to pursuing the nursing profession during this public health emergency. 
I was accepted for the Power Engineering program that is supposed to start in the fall. Are there any anticipated disruptions on the start date. Or is there any information you can provide for students starting school for Fall 2020. 
The program is still scheduled to run this fall. Please note the The Power Lab course for May. Students who have submitted an application for the Co-op program can forward all questions to the Admissions Office. For general questions about our programs, Power Engineering CML, Power Engineering Coop, and Power Lab, can be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar and If a student would like to register into the Power Engineering Online course, please forward them to the Registrar Office. 

Student Services

Can we still access student services, such as the Skill Centre, Library, and Academic Success Coach Services? 

Yes, in response to COVID-19 and to protect the health, safety and wellness of our College community, Keyano College is committed to maintaining services remotely for students who are currently self-isolating.

If you have a scheduled appointment or wish to make an appointment with one of our services, please contact us by email and we will communicate with you concerning the available options.

  • Wellness Services
  • Accessibility Services
  • Academic Success Coach Services
  • Skill Centre Services
  • Library
Can we still access tutoring and wellness services?  

Yes, Wellness Services and Skill Centre staff are still working one to one with students over the phone or video conferencing. Students should contact them by email. Please note, we no longer have peer tutors available.

Students can contact tutors directly, depending on your needs.


Is there emergency financial support for students? 

Yes, students can apply for emergency financial support through the Government of Alberta that covers,

  • Food, clothing, child care, transportation, damage deposit, temporary accommodation, utility arrears (one off), and eviction prevention payments (one off).

Even if you're from another province you can apply, as technically you're an Albertan resident while at college, however, it is better that you contact you home province first.

Visit the Government of Alberta's emergency financial assistance webpage to find out more. 

The federal government is also placing a six-month interest-free moratorium on the repayment of Canada Student Loans for all individuals currently in the process of repaying these loans. Alberta Student Loan repayments will be paused for six months, beginning March 30, 2020. 


I have applied for a program and I need past official transcripts to be sent to Keyano. My previous schools are closed, and unable to send out official transcripts. Has the deadline been extended for transcripts to be submitted? 

Admission requirements and dates are program specific so we cannot give a general answer to that question. Our suggestion is to email a copy of all unofficial transcripts to the Admissions Office and at that time you can ask questions that are specific to your program admission requirements.

Admissions is currently backlogged. We are answering emails in the order they were received. We will get to yours. Please be patient. 
Will international students be getting an extension to apply for the renewal of their study permits? 
For information on applying for a study visa including the processing time, please visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.  

Wellness tips

Wellness Services understands that this is a time of high anxiety and will be providing wellness tips and resources to help you better deal with the rapidly changing situation.

Tips and resources 
Working from home during COVID-19

The last few days have been challenging. Most of you have to work from home. This transition is not always easy, especially when you have children. Here are a few tips that will help you feel more in control and help stay more focused while working from home:

  1. Maintain a routine: it will be beneficial for you to keep the same routine as when you work from your office. If you went for a run in the morning, continue, if you went to walk your dog, do the same. Try to keep the same hours of sleep as when you worked at the office, this will bring a sense of normalcy. The same will be important for your children and it will lower their anxiety if they have structure during their days. 
  2. Don’t use extra time to work: One of the biggest mistakes people do when they work from home is to work more. Many do it because they feel guilty that they are working remotely and don’t want their boss or co-workers to think they are slacking off, or they don’t know what to do with the extra time and, as a result, use the time to “catch-up”. Keep the same work hours and keep a balance between your work hours and your free time.
  3. Use video chat: For many of us, in-person contact is important because we are able to read social cues when talking with someone. When we work from home, our in-person contact with co-workers disappears; as such, it becomes important to see the people you talk to. Try to use the video function of ZOOM, MS Teams, and other programs.
  4. Take breaks: While working at home, it will be very important for you to continue to take regular breaks especially to rest your eyes from looking at the computer. A good way to do it is to set up break times at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm and make sure you get away from your computer.
  5. Move around: It will be important for you to keep moving, either at lunch time, during your breaks or after your day at work. Go for a walk, do some stretching, go for a run or do yoga online. This will give you energy and help you stay focused better.

This document shares more tips on working from home

Age-specific advice on stress and worrying 

Age Group


How to Help


  • Fear of being along, bad dreams
  • Speech difficulties
  • Loss of bladder/bowel control, bed-wetting
  • Change in appetite
  • Increased temper tantrums, whining, or clinging behaviors
  • Patience and tolerance
  • Provide reassurance (verbal and physical)
  • Encourage expression through play, reenactment, story-telling
  • Allow short-term changes in sleep arrangements
  • Plan calming, comforting activities before bedtime
  • Maintain regular family routines
  • Avoid media exposure

School Age (ages 6-12)

  • Irritability, whining, aggressive behavior
  • Clinging, nightmares
  • Sleep/appetite disturbance
  • Physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches
  • Withdrawal from peers, loss of interest
  • Competition for parents’ attention
  • Forgetfulness about chores and new information learned at school
  • Patience, tolerance, and reassurance
  • Play sessions and staying in touch with friends through telephone and Internet
  • Regular exercise and stretching
  • Engage in educational activities (workbooks, educational games)
  • Participate in structured household chores
  • Set gentle but firm limits
  • Discuss the current outbreak and encourage questions. Include what is being done in the family and community
  • Encourage expression through play and conversation
  • Help family create ideas for enhancing health promotion behaviors and maintaining family routines
  • Limit media exposure, talking about what they have seen/heard including at school
  • Address any stigma or discrimination occurring and clarify misinformation

Adolescent (ages 13-18)

  • Physical symptoms (headaches, rashes, etc.)
  • Sleep/appetite disturbance
  • Agitation or decrease in energy, apathy
  • Ignoring health promotion behaviors
  • Isolating from peers and loved ones
  • Concerns about stigma and injustices
  • Avoiding/cutting school
  • Patience, tolerance, and reassurance
  • Encourage continuation of routines
  • Encourage discussion of outbreak experience with peers, family (but do not force)
  • Stay in touch with friends through telephone, Internet, video games
  • Participate in family routines, including chores, supporting younger siblings, and planning strategies to enhance health promotion behaviors
  • Limit media exposure, talking about what they have seen/heard including at school
  • Discuss and address stigma, prejudice and potential injustices occurring during an outbreak
Source: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

 Please contact Wellness Services if you would like to see a specific topic covered.