Learning Help and Support

We offer learning help and support through the creation of learning resources, written language supports, and mathematics, chemistry and study resources.

Web resources

Your course load may seem overwhelming at times. To help with your studies, we've collected some resources you may find useful.

Writing and language supports

Do you need help with writing, grammar, research or language?

  • Visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for resources and support in writing a college level assignment.
  • It is very important that you properly format and site all of your assignments using the APA or MLA style guides. The library also has style guides available for your use.

Mathematics resources:

  • The Khan Academy focuses mainly on K-12 mathematics and is a great resource to review your knowledge.
  • Purple Math provides college level algebra resources, including video lessons, practice questions, and quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Math BFF is a collection of short, engaging YouTube videos that highlight different mathematics equations.
  • Paul's Online Notes are college level notes, cheat sheets, and practice problems that cover a wide range of algebra and calculus topics.
  • Wolfram Alpha provides step-by-step instructions for solving a variety of different mathematic equations, including algebra, calculus, geometry, differential equations, statistics, and plotting graphs.
  • Math-Aids contains a variety of worksheets that you can use to test your knowledge in algebra, calculus, geometry, and more.

Chemistry resources:


If you are taking any chemistry courses, you may find the following learning resources helpful.

  • The Periodic Table created by the Roya Society of Chemistry is an interactive resource that allows you to study and learn the properties and components of each element on the periodic table.
  • Crash Course in Chemistry is a collection of YouTube videos that cover a variety of chemistry topics, including the periodic table, electrons, solutions, reactions, etc. The videos are engaging to watch and easy to follow.
  • The ChemCollective consists of a virtual lab, scenario-bsaed learning activities, tutorial, and tests to help develop your chemistry knowledge.
  • The Khan Academy covers a number of chemistry topics and provides interactive tutorials and quizzes.
  • Chemistry and more will help you study chemistry by providing problems and answers so that you can test your knowledge.

Physics resources:

Study strategies

  • Developing healthy study habits can help you better learn and retain knowledge. Check out the following resources to improve the way you study and learn.

    • The Learning Scientists explain the science behind learning and offer tips for the best ways to study, take notes, and more!
    • Study Guides and Strategies organizes their information into different learning and studying guides that include group studying and classroom learning (their material is also available in 38 languages).