Workplace Trainer

Keyano College's Workplace Trainer Certificate program gives you the abilities and skills to train, facilitate and mentor in the workplace. The program is recognized by the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL), which is Canada's leading association of workplace learning professionals. They set the standards for training and development in Canada. The certificate addresses the competency categories for the training and development industry outlined in I4PL's Training Competency Architecture.

After you enroll in the program, you are eligible for student membership in I4PL. Once you graduate, you'll have a one-year credit towards the work experience requirement of the Certified Training and Development Professional designation or Certified Training Practitioner.

Admission requirements

There are no requirements for the program.

Program structure

There are no textbooks required in this program.


We provide you with all course material on the first day of class. You can complete this program in one year depending on course availability. A minimum of 80% attendance is required in all courses.

Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment is a 7-hour course that teaches you how to design and deliver training in order to ensure positive results. You'll learn how to ensure that your training programs further organizational goals, help employees succeed and are relevant to the people who attend.

Program Design

Program Design is a 21-hour workshop that reviews steps for effective planning and delivery of a training course. Training is a complex activity that you must carefully plan. You'll learn how to design and prepare a training course that effectively delivers material.

Transfer of Learning

Transfer of Learning is a 7-hour course where you'll examine best practices in linking learning activities to job and organizational requirements. Workplace trainers select initiatives to share knowledge in an organization. You will discover how to determine and use resources, technology, and materials to support these initiatives.

Capitalizing on Diversity

Capitalizing on Diversity is a 7-hour course teaches you how to create a safe and respectful work environment and how to capitalize on the benefits of a diverse workplace. Workforces are becoming increasingly diverse and workplace cultures are changing. As a leader, you'll play a significant role in managing teams and training employees from different generations, continents, faiths and lifestyles.

This course is eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate program.

Evaluating Employees & Training Programs

Evaluating Employees & Training Programs is a 14-hour course provides you with strategies to evaluate if your training program is effective and measure the performance of your employees. You'll learn how to assess training programs and set performance expectation to support your team's goals and your organizational vision. You'll practice conducting training program evaluations and providing effective feedback to employees.

This course is eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate program.

Effective Workplace Training

Effective Workplace Training is a 39-hour course that teaches the foundations of effective facilitation. You'll develop an understanding of the adult learner and the instructional process. Gain a variety of classroom management techniques and skills that you can practice in this active and engaging course.

On the Job Training & Coaching

On the Job Training & Coaching is a 7-hour course that teaches you the skills that you need to coach and lead. You'll learn problem solving, performance management, conflict resolution and succession planning. Today's organizations are too busy to offer lengthy training programs to all employees. By building your ability to coach, you can play a critical role in maintaining a skilled workforce, achieving results and increasing productivity.


This course is eligible for credit in the Strategic Leadership in Action Certificate program.


 Schedule and Fees 2019/2020

Course Code Semester Course Date/Day Time Room Tuition
 CELEAD800-01 Winter On the Job Training & Coaching Jan 25, 2020 (Sat) 8:00am - 4:00pm BL254 $265
 CELEAD411-01 Winter Capitalizing on Diversity Mar 14, 2020 (Sat) 8:00am - 4:00pm BL254 $265
CETRAIN200-01 Winter Program Design May 5 - 26, 2020 (Tu/Th) 6:30pm - 9:30pm BL144 $665
 CELEAD412-01 Winter Evaluating Employee & Training Program June 6 - 7, 2020 (Sat-Sun) 8:00am - 4:00pm BL254 $465