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Keyano College's Supply Management Training (SMT) program covers the essential tools and techniques that you'll need to operate and manage today's demanding supply chain environment. We offer the program's courses and seminars in partnership with the Supply Chain Canada.

Admission requirements

To enroll in a Keyano College Continuing Education course, you must be 18 years of age or older. A minimum of a high school diploma and relevant work experience is recommended; however, we encourage you to discuss your situation and needs with a program administrator.   You can enroll in any single course or seminar. If you'd like to complete the entire program, you must register with Alberta Institute Supply Chain Canada.

Program structure

Delivery Format: Virtual Livestream Online Format via Moodle and Zoom.

The course materials will be posted on Moodle, and you will be able to access them prior to your course start date.  Some courses require you to complete pre-course reading and/or assignments before starting class.  Please email Continuing Education or call 780-799-0535  if you don’t know your credential.

  • Business Management Knowledge Seminars (Two days per seminar) - Online
  • Soft Skills Development Seminars (2 - 4 days per seminar) - Online
  • Technical Courses - ONLINE

These courses and seminars meet the full standard of the Canadian Supply Chain Sector National Accreditation Program, which recognizes programs that meet the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council's national standards, reflect industry needs, and include educators' best practices.

You can complete this program in one year depending on course availability. A minimum of 80% attendance is required in all courses. The passing grade for all courses is 60%.

There are no required textbooks for Seminars.  

Advanced standing - If you'd like to apply for the Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) Designation, you can apply courses from the Supply Management Training program. Learn more about Advanced Standing and Exemptions from Supply Chain Canada.

Schedule and Fees

Below is the schedule and fees for the Supply Management Training program.

2021-2022 Schedule Cancelled


Courses may be completed individually, or complete the ten required courses to achieve your Supply Management Training certificate.  

Supply Management Training courses 

Introduction of Logistics (SMT Online Technical Core Course)

Introduction of Logistics is a 39-hour course that explores interconnections between procurement, operations and transportation. You'll learn how to tailor large orders to achieve low unit costs while minimizing the order's size to use warehouse space effectively and prevent inventory obsolescence. The course addresses options of using a few centralized warehouses versus multiple distributed warehouses.

Other course topics include forecasting, uncertainty, safety stocks and customer service requirements, as well as computer systems such as Distribution Resource Planning, Warehouse Management Systems and Transportation Management Systems.

Introduction to Procurement (SMT Online Technical Core Course)

Introduction to Procurement is a 39-hour course that teaches you the essentials of procurement, including how to determine quantity, specifications and price. You'll discuss opportunities and challenges of international or domestic procurement.

You'll learn how to control different procurement situations, including:

  • Repetitive purchases of production materials
  • One-time procurement
  • Handling low-cost items
  • Acquiring large capital goods
  • Securing commodities under long-term supply contracts

Introduction to Transportation (SMT Online Technical Core Course)

Introduction to Transportation is a 39-hour course that covers the advantages and limitations of four modes of transportation: road, rail, air and water, as well as intermodal transportation. Course topics include the role of freight forwarders, brokers and integrated transportation companies. This course will introduce you to transportation documentation and basic load planning. You'll gain an overview of contracts, insurance, customs clearance and letters of credit, and examine the fundamentals of Incoterms and their impact on buyer-seller responsibility for transportation.

Introduction to Operations Management (SMT Online Technical Core Course)

Introduction to Operations Management is a 39-hour course that covers the fundamentals of operations in manufacturing, distribution and service organizations. You'll learn the basics of location selection and layout, inventory ordering, and capacity planning and scheduling. The course addresses quality systems and continuous improvement methodologies, including Deming, Juran, ISO 9000 and Six Sigma. You'll also discuss the challenges of balancing capacity with demand and study key concepts including Just-in-Time, Lean Production, Optimum Production Theory, Theory of Constraints and Materials Requirements Planning.

Introduction to Finance & Accounting - 14 hours, $625

Introduction to Finance & Accounting is a 14-hour seminar that gives you a comprehensive overview of how finance impacts supply management. You'll learn basic accounting and finance terminology, how to read financial statements and how financial decisions are made. The seminar introduces how to interpret financial information using key ratios and principles of accounting and budgeting. You'll gain an understanding of how supply management practitioners make a business case for an investment and evaluate investment opportunities.

If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Introduction to Business Planning - 14 hours, $625

Introduction to Business Planning is a 14-hour seminar overviews organizational strategic planning and the basic elements of a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). The seminar introduces the Porter 5-Forces model for analyzing the competitive environment, as well as critical success factors, strategic maps and company positioning, and strategic models such as low-cost, differentiation and niche. You'll discuss strategic plan development in a supply management role and the connections between strategic plans and budgets.

If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Introduction to Marketing - 14 hours, $625

Introduction to Marketing is a 14-hour course that covers marketing principles and the role of marketing in supply management. You'll learn the differences between marketing and sales, marketing products and services, as well as business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing.

Key topics include market research, competition evaluation, market segmentation and selection, the marketing mix and the 4 P's of marketing (product, pricing, place and promotion). The course also outlines strategies for market leaders and market followers.

If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Communication and Relational Skills - 14 hours, $695

Communication and Relational Skills is a 14-hour workshop that will help you build listening skills, persuasive oral and written communication, and communicate complex issues to all stakeholders. You'll learn how to build effective inter-organizational supply chain relationships through compelling reports and presentations, persuasive communication skills, and an understanding of non-verbal communication practices.

If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Negotiation Skills - 28 hours, $1,395

Negotiation Skills is a 28-hour workshop that focuses on the negotiation process. Negotiation skills are an essential competency for managers, and especially those responsible for supply chain management. You'll learn the skills used for the preparation stage up to face-to-face negotiations.

The course content covers understanding the other negotiator, responding to power imbalances, and building longer-term relationships. Fine-tune your negotiating skills through interactive exercises and negotiation simulations.

Negotiation Skills applies for advanced standing. If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management - 14 hours, $695

The Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management is a 14-hour workshop that covers the conditions for successful competitive bidding and the elements of the bidding process. Course topics include Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotes, electronic tendering, types of contracts and contract law, writing contract terms and contract management from performance review to dispute resolution and termination.

Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Management applies for advanced standing. If you do not complete the pre-course reading, you will find it difficult to succeed in this course.

 Canada-Alberta Job Grant 

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides funding to Alberta business to help hire and train employees. You can receive up to $10,000 per employee per year for skills training.  Keyano College has a list of pre-approved courses and program areas that are eligible for the grant.  Visit our Canada-Alberta Job Grant webpage for information on how to apply and employer benefits.


You can register for Continuing Education courses online, by phone at 780-799-0535 or email.

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