Professional Leadership

Keyano College's Professional Leadership Certificate program teaches you how to:

  • Improve your supervisory skills
  • Broaden business knowledge
  • Practice effective communication
  • Enhance teamwork approaches
  • Increase productivity and organizational effectiveness

You'll examine each skill in depth and learn strategies and tools for effective human resource and project management. Improve your leadership skills and learn the principles that empower teams through hands-on activities, experiential case studies and self-assessment, and real-life business experiences of instructors and fellow participants.

Admission requirements

There are no required prerequisites for this program.

Program structure

There are no textbooks required in this program. 


You'll receive credit towards the Workplace Trainer Certificate for the following courses: On the Job Training & Coaching, Capitalizing on Diversity, and Evaluating Employees & Training Programs.

Leading People

Leading People is a 21-hour course that covers the essential skills required for effective leadership. You'll learn problem solving, time management, collaborating, mentoring employees, effective communication, performance management, conflict resolution, organization and planning and creating a positive work environment.

This course qualifies for four special industry course credits towards Gold Seal Certification and is eligible for credit in the Construction Management Certificate program.

Capitalizing on Diversity

Capitalizing on Diversity is a 7-hour course teaches you how to create a safe and respectful work environment and how to capitalize on the benefits of a diverse workplace. Workforces are becoming increasingly diverse and workplace cultures are changing. As a leader, you'll play a significant role in managing teams and training employees from different generations, continents, faiths and lifestyles.

This course is eligible for credit in the Workplace Trainer Certificate program.

Evaluating Employees & Training Programs

Evaluating Employees & Training Programs is a 14-hour course provides you with strategies to evaluate if your training program is effective and measure the performance of your employees. You'll learn how to assess training programs and set performance expectation to support your team's goals and your organizational vision. You'll practice conducting training program evaluations and providing effective feedback to employees.

This course is eligible for credit in the Workplace Trainer Certificate program.

Communication Techniques for Leaders

Communication Techniques for Leaders is a 14-hour course that teaches you how to communicate effectively as a leader. Leaders need to be able to distinguish between criticism and constructive feedback and handle challenging communications, including letting someone go or having difficult discussions with workers. This two-day workshop will cover skills and tools for one-on-one and group meetings, presentations, emails, conflicts and crisis.

This course is eligible for credit in the Professional Business Communication Certificate program.

High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams is a 14-hour course that teaches you the skills that you need to lead a high performance team. You'll learn how to manage conflicts, focus on common goals, and build trust and commitment to develop a strong and dynamic work environment. Capitalize on the unique strengths of your team members and gauge ways that you can improve their performance in order to deliver results in a changing work environment.

On the Job Training & Coaching

On the Job Training & Coaching is a 7-hour course that teaches you the skills that you need to coach and lead, such as problem solving, performance management, conflict resolution and succession planning. Today's organizations are too busy to offer lengthy training programs to all employees. By building your ability to coach, you can play a critical role in maintaining a skilled workforce, achieving results and increasing productivity.

This course is eligible for credit in the Workplace Trainer Certificate program.

 Schedule and Fees 2019/2020

Course Code Semester Course Date/Day Time Room Tuition
CELEAD413-01 Winter Communication Techniques for Leaders Apr 4 & 5, 2020 (Sat & Sun) 8am - 4pm Online $465
CELEAD412-01 Spring Evaluating Employees & Training Programs June 6 & 7, 2020 (Sat & Sun) 8am - 4pm BL254 $465