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The Communication & Leadership Training courses are ideal for individuals who want to develop or improve their skills in communicating, presenting and writing. The program will give people the methods and tools to sharpen their management and supervisory skills.

This program is available for students in both an in-class and online format. Students will access iLearn ( for all course materials and online components within the course timeframe. This is designed to increase accessibility and flexibility within the courses.


 Communicating For Success (CETEAMB 300)

14 hours, $345 + GST

We all have an idea of how we are perceived, and in what areas we have strengths and weaknesses. Through gathering of feedback on personal and work behavior, using smart questioning techniques and active listening you will get your whole picture. Practice a collaborative approach to communication, through giving and receiving feedback and planning for change, so that your communications will be successful.


After this 2-day course, participants will be able to:

• Identify their personal communication strengths and weaknesses

• Outline ways to gather feedback on personal and work behaviour

• Demonstrate smart questioning techniques and active listening skills

• Practice a collaborative approach to communication including giving and receiving feedback

 Critical Elements of Customer Service (CEPDCS 100)

14 hours, $375

While many companies promise to deliver an incredible customer experience, some are better at delivering than others. This two-day course is designed around six critical elements of customer service that, when the company lives them, bring customers back to experience service that outdoes the competition. Through activities, you will learn how to demonstrate a customer service approach, confidence and skill as a problem solver, understand how your own behavior affects the behavior of others, apply techniques to deal with difficult customers, and make a choice to provide customer service. 

 Effective Presentations (CECOMM 502)

 14 hours, $345 + GST

Are you asked to make presentations at work? Whether you need to persuade people or simply share information this powerful 2-day course will provide you with all the skills you need to make effective presentations. The course includes creating and editing presentations, using PowerPoint as well as developing notes and handouts. You will evaluate your current public speaking skills and at the end of this course you will deliver an actual 10 minute presentation that will be reviewed by other participants and instructor.

After this one day course, participants will be able to:

• Identify different types of presentation

• Explain the appropriate use for each type of presentation

• Deliver an informal 2-3 minute speech

• Determine the advantages of various types of visual aids and how to incorporate them in a presentation

• Create several types of visual aids

• Demonstrate use the use of non-verbal communication aids in a presentation

• Deliver a formal 5-7 minute business presentation

 Introduction to Report and Proposal Writing (CEWRITE 500)

7 hours, $195 + GST

Are you dreading writing reports? Does it take you an eternity to finish a proposal? Have you ever had rejected proposals? This one day workshop will provide you with knowledge and writing tips that you can immediately apply at work. You will also gain tools for effective analysis and outlines and discover how to use appropriate language through hands-on exercises.


Topics covered are:

• 7 steps for report writing

• 4 types of proposals

• Charting your audience

• Technical level

• Decision-making level

• Report elements

• Editing checklist

• Tackling the tone


After this one day course, participants will be able to:

• Gain tools for effective analysis and outlines

• Determine how to use appropriate language

• Identify 7 steps of report writing and 4 types of proposals

• Discuss making reports and proposals suitable for the audience

• Outline elements of editing and tone

 Resume Writing: Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio (CE COMM 506)

7 hours, $195 + GST

The job market continues to change, as does the way we look for work. This course examines the value of presenting yourself as a complete package by using a resume as an introduction to an employer and backing it up with a portfolio presented at the interview.

In order to make the most of this course, participants need to have recently completed the Getting Your Job Search Started workshop, or identified target positions and completed a full skills assessment and goal setting exercise.

This one-day workshop will help you teach participants how to:

• Speak about themselves using descriptive language.

• Apply the essential elements of cover letters and resumes.

• Understand the need for pre-employment testing and what to expect in their target market.

• Design a personalized portfolio.

• Develop a plan that moves them to a new job within 60 days


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Did you know?  The Communication Skills courses are available for on demand - group - training as requested.  Please call 780-799-0535 or email Continuing Education for more information about all courses.  

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The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides funding to Alberta business to help hire and train employees. You can receive up to $10,000 per employee per year for skills training.

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