Process Operations - Coop

Admission Requirements Tuition and Fees Program Structure

 *Not Accepting Applications for the 2019/2020 year

We offer a two-year Process Operations - Coop program to help prepare you for an entry level position in mineral and hydrocarbon processing with major oil sands companies.

You will learn and be trained in both power engineering and process operations, with course material directly applicable to the workplace. If eligible, you will be placed in a six-month paid work placement each year. By successfully completing the program, you will be eligible to write the 4th Class Part A and B Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) exams.

The program was developed because of a need from the industry and is supported by Suncor Energy.

As a graduate of the program, you will be able to:

  • Conduct routine checks and tasks
  • Prepare equipment for maintenance work
  • Respond to problems and emergencies as they arise
  • Record readings manually, or by computer
  • Make adjustments to equipment and note possible problems
  • Take samples of oil, gas and water
  • Conduct chemical tests
  • Ensure safety and environmental regulations are followed
  • Monitor alarms and know their operation processes

Career opportunities

As a process operator, you may be employed in many types of industries, including:

  • Pulp mills
  • Water treatment plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Hospitals
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Power generation facilities

Admission requirements

Advanced credit may be given if you show proof of equivalent education at a post-secondary institution. Contact our Admissions Department for more details.

Tuition and fees

*The fee schedule may be subject to change without notice.  Tuition and related fees are set on an annual basis.  

**Lab fees if applicable have not been included in this amount.  For more information view the Keyano College Credit Calendar.

 Full Time Fees
 Full Time Fees  Domestic Students
Tuition *$5,527.00
Health & Dental Fee $252.00
Registration Fee  $30.00
Student Association Building Fee $35.84
Student Association Fee $208.32
Technology Fee $100.00
Materials n/a
Wellness & Athletic Fee $60.00
Total **$6,213.16

Program structure

The first year of the program includes four months of 4th Class Power Engineering Part A and B theory, with a possible six-month paid work placement.

The second year of the program includes four months of 3rd Class Power Engineering Part A and Process Operations, with a possible six-month paid work placement.

Year 1:
Term I (16 weeks)
PROC 101 Applied Science 4
PROC 102 Plant Services 4
PROC 103 Steam Generation 4
PROC 104 Prime Movers and Auxiliaries 4
Year 1:
Term II (6 months)
PROC 105 Work Practicum 12
Year 2:
Term I (16 weeks)
PROC 210 Chemistry 1
PROC 230 Introductory Process Instrumentation 1.5
PROC 232 Advanced Process Instrumentation 2
PROC 235 Upgrading Proccesses 2
PROC 250 Environmental Management and Processes 1.5
PROC 3100 Applied Science 4
PROC 3200 Plant Services 4
Year 2:
Term II (6 months)
PROC 260 Work Practicum 12

Work placements

While regional industry partners support the program, you may qualify for a work placement outside of the Wood Buffalo region. If you are granted a placement outside the region, you are responsible for relocation, accommodation and any expenses while on your placement.

We make every effort to help students obtain regional work placements. Placements are based on students' academic performance, attendance, ABSA certification and industry requirements, policies and regulations. We cannot guarantee a work placement.