Our Team


Our Trades and Heavy Industrial team are here to help you obtain the skills you need for a successful career in the trades. 

View the credit calendar for more information on our program, dates and fees. For other specific program inquiries visit the Contact Us page on the main Keyano website. 

Caitlin Hartigan Dean, School of Trades 780.791.4882 caitlin.hartigan@keyano.ca
Melissa Coish Program & Operations Coordinator - Power Engineering COOP 780.799.8601 melissa.coish@keyano.ca
Candace Trites Apprenticeship Administrative Assistant 780.791.4881 candace.trites@keyano.ca
Donna Villa Power Engineering Program Coordinator - CML & Power Lab 780.791.4955 donna.villa@keyano.ca
Lisa Starks Welding Recertification Coordinator 780.791.4988 lisa.starks@keyano.ca
Craig Cail Chair, Construction Trades & HET 780.715.3902 craig.cail@keyano.ca
Darren Stacey Chair, Metal Trades 780.792.2675 darren.stacey@keyano.ca
Robert Marsh Chair, Power Engineering 780.792.5130 robert.marsh@keyano.ca