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Keyano College offers both individual and group Driver Training and Equipment and Safety Training Certifications.

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We have on-demand safety training available. Please email us or call 780-799-0535 for more information about any of our courses. 

All courses listed below are held at the Suncor Energy Industrial Campus in Gregoire (Mackenzie Industrial Park) at 160 Mackenzie Boulevard.

Class 1 Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT)

Effective March 1, 2019 standardized entry level training is mandatory for all new Class 1 commercial drivers. Training includes a number of government mandated training hours, standardized curriculum and knowledge/road tests for Class 1 drivers. For more information visit Alberta Transportation. 

Course Overview
The purpose of this curriculum is to provide individuals seeking to obtain a Class 1 driver’s license with basic driving skill procedures. The course reinforces driving theory, skills practice and promotion of positive driving attitudes.

The curriculum is expected to assist entry-level commercial truck drivers to develop safe driving skills, knowledge and be aware of their duties. The curriculum discusses minimum content and creates the foundation for safe driving skills. 

This course has both classroom and practical components that will be delivered in three learning environments. 

Our Class 1 vehicles are equipped with 18 speed manual transmissions

Course Hours 
  • Classroom instruction: 40.5 hours
  • In-yard instruction: 15.5 hours
  • In-cab training: 57 hours
  • Total training hours: 113 hours    
Program Prerequisites 
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Air Brakes Q Endorsement must be completed prior to registering for MELT Class 1
  • Hold an Alberta non-probationary driver’s license
  • For anyone to whom English is a second language, a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) score of 6 is required.

    NOTE: It is strongly recommended for participants to complete a successful medical assessment through a physician prior to participating in the MELT program.
    Medical forms are available from a registry agent, or a doctor. 
Personal Protection Equipment

You must bring and wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as:

  • Steel-toe boots
  • Hard hat
  • Reflective vest
  • Safety glasses

Students are required to complete all training hours and be tested within 9 months of enrolment date. Any students not completed within the 9 months will be required to repeat weeks 1 & 2.

NOTE: Week 3 (in-cab training) will be offered to students in 3-hour blocks to align with personal schedules. This allows for our industry of shift workers to complete the training while still receiving an income. Students are permitted 3-hours of driving per day.


Weeks 1 and 2 combined hours is priced to a total of $2,695+ GST

3-hour blocks hours are $365 + GST each (FOR CLASS 1 MELT STUDENTS ONLY)

Program total is: $9,630 + GST.

Class 3 Driver Training

After you complete our Class 3 Driver Training program, you will be eligible for your road test with the Alberta Registry. 

 Course Overview
This course allows time for the following tasks:
  • Observation time
  • Real time driving (behind the wheel)
  • Backing techniques
  • Walk-around practice
  • Teaching exercises
  • Classroom review

Our Class 3 vehicles are equipped with a manual transmissions. 10 speed, 13 speed and 18 speed transmission options are available. 

Course Hours 

Training includes approximately total of 30 hours (15 hours in class and 15 hours one-one in cab), road tests appointments or dates are in addition to the course date. The students will utilize our trucks for 3 hours to enable them to complete their road tests following the course. 

Program Prerequisites  

You must have:

  • A valid Class 5 Alberta driver's license (no GDL restriction)
  • Students must have their Air Brake Q Endorsement prior to the course start date
  • Students must have completed their Class 3 Knowledge Test completed from an Alberta Registry
  • A copy of your drivers abstract from the previous 2 years

It is your responsibility to purchase the Driver's Exam permit from the Alberta Registry. We will book and arrange your exam times.

Personal Protection Equipment 

You must bring and wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as:

  • Steel-toe boots
  • Hard hat
  • Reflective vest
  • Safety glasses

Program total: $3,199.00 + GST

More truck time can be arranged and purchased for an additional fee.

If you need extra truck time, you can pay additional $365.00 + GST  (for each 3 hour) in cab block training for Class 3 students. You can call Registrar office (780-791-4801 to make payment) and Continuing Education will book your 3 hour block training


Air Brakes (Q Endorsement)

This course is for students who wish to receive the Alberta "Q" Air Brake Certification, which is mandatory for professional drivers of air brake vehicles. The Air Brake Q Endorsement completion certificate can be photocopied. Please note that the completion certificate is only valid at the registry for 1 YEAR after its completion date.

Course Overview

Class 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 drivers must complete an approved air brake course to get a Q endorsement on their driver’s licence to operate a vehicle equipped with air brakes.

To successfully complete the course, students must attend in-class theory lessons and successfully complete practical and written exams. 

How it works:

Step 1. Complete classroom training 

Step 2. Complete practical training

Step 3. Pass practical assessment

Step 4. Pass knowledge test at an Alberta Registry office

Course Hours 
2 day course (18 hrs)
Program Prerequisites

Students must show proof of a valid Canadian driver's license.

NOTE: The Q endorsement will only be applied to a valid Alberta Driver's license.

Personal Protection Equipment 

You must bring and wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as:

  • Steel-toe boots
  • Hard hat
  • Reflective vest
  • Safety glasses
 $395 + GST

Additional Driving Courses

Simulated Driver Training

Our SIM2GO trailer provides high quality real-world driving environments and vehicle behaviors to train and improve driver decision-making and behavior over a wide range of vehicle maneuvers. The simulator has a total of 2 simulation stations, and a number of different vehicle options. Course topics can include; emergency maneuvers, adverse conditions, space management, speed management, fuel management, etc.

Class 4, 5, 3 and 1 options are available. 

NOTE: This course is available for on-demand group training, as requested, please call 780-799-0535.

 Hours of Service with Log Book
Drivers, dispatchers, supervisors, and any other employee who reviews a driver's record of duty status, assigns loads or makes work schedules should have working knowledge of the regulations. This training will assist companies to stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The training course will review the basics of keeping an accurate, legal and current driver’s log.

Course length: 8 hours
NOTE: This course is available for on-demand group training, as requested, please call 780-799-0535.

**NEW** Online Air Brake Refresher - CEAIRQ300-INT

Course Code Semester Course Name Date/Day Room  Tuition 
CEAIRQ300-INT Spring Air Brakes Refresher  May 1, 2022-June 30, 2022  Online  $49.95 + GST

This online Air Brakes course is designed as a refresher and study aid for individuals who operate or intend to operate a vehicle equipped with an air brake system.

 Course Overview
This course is ideal for people who already have an Air Brake endorsement who are:
  • Experienced drivers who may have been out of the trade for an extended period
  • Experienced drivers who may benefit from review of the air brake systems
  • Drivers from other provinces with less stringent air brake licensing standards

Time Length: Approximately 45 minutes

Please note that participating in this training will not qualify you for the Air Brake Q Endorsement exam at an Alberta registry.

To Register 

Please email us or call 780-791-4801 to register.

Register as a group

Please email us to register as a group.

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