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Computer literacy is fundamental to many jobs in today's high-tech world. Keyano College offers courses in computer basics, Microsoft, and specialized software programs to develop your computer proficiency and give you marketable skills.

Course Schedule

Computers - The Basics

Our basic computer fundamentals course focuses on essential computer skills. We'll introduce you to basic functions within Microsoft Office, including Windows, Excel, and PowerPoint. You'll also spend time using the Internet and getting connected.

Microsoft Office

We offer individual courses and certifications specializing in Microsoft programs. Become proficient in all facets of Microsoft. This will help your personal everyday computer use and future career.


Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1

Learn the foundational skills necessary to create and edit professional-looking spreadsheets. Topics include an introduction to Excel, constructing cell data, using formulas, functions, formatting worksheets, viewing and printing workbooks, charts, graphics; and analyzing, organizing and sharing workbooks.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 2

Building upon skills learned in the Excel 2016 Level 1 course, students will learn to prepare and navigate workbooks, enhance charts, use tables and analysis tools, and explore ways to chare this information with internal and external customers.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 3 Advanced

This Excel training class gives you the skills you need to impress your current or future employer—and its online format means you can take this class from anywhere, at any time.

With exercises, quizzes, expert instructors, and all the latest information, the best online Excel training is right here at ed2go. We’ll simplify some of those tricky Excel concepts that might seem hard to grasp, so you can discover how Excel 2016 table tools actually take the complexity out of spreadsheet creation and management.

This course is available online through Ed2go.

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 1

Learn the fundamental skills necessary to create and format business documents, such as letters, forms, and newsletters. Topics include creating a new document, manipulating text, formatting content, working with tabs, formatting documents, printing, using tables, working with illustrations, creating mass mailing documents, and sharing documents.

Microsoft Word 2016 Level 2

Learn the intermediate skills to create and format business documents such as online forms, personalized mailings, or cite reference sources. Topics include sharing and maintaining documents, formatting content, tracking and reviewing documents, merging documents, and using forms and macros. Course content provides a review of core skills as well as discussion of more advanced features.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Learn the PowerPoint® skills necessary to create and manage presentations. Topics include creating a presentation, working with text, working with illustrations and other media, charts and tables, and enhancing, reviewing, and delivering presentations.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

This course teaches students how Outlook is structured and how to maximize its features for effective communication and collaboration. Topics include managing e-mail, using the calendar, working with contacts, using tasks and notes, and organizing information.

Microsoft Access 2016

This course teaches students how to design data tables, select appropriate data types and relate tables logically. Students will create and modify database objects including tables, forms, reports, queries, and more while applying intermediate skills to streamline data entry, ensure data integrity, automate tasks, and analyze data. Students will explore the Expression Builder to create expressions and insert identifiers as property settings, use form controls to locate information and restrict data entry.

Microsoft Project 2016

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that allows users to track the progress of their projects. Microsoft Project has features to help users manage time, budgets and resources as well as schedule and track project tasks. Students will use advanced functions to customize a project plan. Topics include using drawing tools, setting options, workgroup functions, Project Central, sharing data among programs, multi-project management, cost management, tracking results, and resource and task management.


There is an increasing demand for Microsoft Office skills as businesses embrace new technologies. These certifications can help distinguish you in today's competitive job market. You'll display advanced skills, increased competence, productivity, and credibility with employers, co-workers and clients.

Microsoft Office Specialist

The Microsoft Office Specialist certification validates skills within the Microsoft Office 2016 suite. To receive this certification, you must pass exams in the following Microsoft Office products:

  • Word 2016
  • Excel 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016
  • Access 2016
  • Outlook 2016
  • SharePoint
  • OneNote
  • Office 365

Microsoft Office Specialist Master

The Microsoft Office Master certification demonstrates that you are fluent in several Microsoft Office applications. To achieve this certification, you must pass four advanced exams in:

  • Word Expert 2016
  • Excel Expert 2016
  • PowerPoint 2016

Plus one elective:

  • Outlook 2016
  • Access 2016
  • SharePoint 
  • OneNote
  • Office 365

Specialized software

We offer courses in different software programs to help upgrade your computer skills and meet industry demands.

Sage 50 Level 1

Sage 50 Level 1 is a 21-hour course and you will learn how to perform daily accounting tasks in general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. This course focuses on data entry in Simply Accounting.

Sage 50 Level 2

Sage 50 Level 2 is a 21-hour course that introduces you to more advanced functions and capabilities of Simply Accounting. You should take this course if you are already familiar with accounting and have experience with the basic operations covered in Sage 50 Level 1. The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Introduction to Bookkeeping
  • Computer Fundamentals or equivalent

Adobe Acrobat X

Adobe Acrobat X teaches you how to bring together a wide range of content from dozens of programs that you can reuse and customize in Acrobat X Pro.

We offer this course online through ed2go.

AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2015 is a 21-hour program where you will learn how to plan, develop, document and present a complete AutoCAD project. By the end of the course, you will master the essential AutoCAD features, learn the very latest industry standards and techniques and become proficient with AutoCAD. The prerequisites for this course are:

  • Experienced computer work
  • Drafting experience is an asset

Primavera P6 Fundamentals

Primavera P6 Fundamentals is a three-day course that offers hands-on training in Primavera's client and server based solution. You will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling techniques. In this practical workshop you'll learn how to track an entire project to completion.

This course is eligible for 19.5 Professional Development Units.

Primavera P6 Advanced

Primavera P6 Advanced is a 21-hour training course that combines in depth project management and resource management training in Primavera's client and server based solution. This course will focus on earned value analysis, updating baselines, importing and exporting project data, top down budgeting, managing resource allocation, future period bucket planning and resource leveling. Extended case studies at the end of each session provide you with an opportunity to apply new skills and functionality.

This course is eligible for 19.5 Professional Development Units. Primavera P6 Fundamentals is a prerequisite.

Primavera Risk Analysis

Primavera Risk Analysis is a 14-hour course that provides training for Primavera Risk Management Solutions. You will gain knowledge in the basic concepts of risk management. You'll be led through examples of specific risk modeling techniques and will have the opportunity to apply the techniques you've learned in a lab style workshop.

Course Schedule 2019/2020

Below is link to Ed2Go computer courses. Once you register with Ed2Go, email Keyano College Registrar office to make payment:

Introductory MS Excel 2016

Introductory MS Word 2016

Intermediate MS Excel 2016

Course Code Semester Course Start Date Time Room Tuition
  Winter MS Excel 2016 Level I April 15, 2020     Online (Ed2Go) $159 + GST
  Winter MS Word 2016 level I April 15, 2020   Online (Ed2Go) $159 + GST
  Spring MS Excel 2016 Level 2 May 13, 2020   Online (Ed2Go) $159 + GST
CEEXCEL01-01 Spring MS Excel 2016 Level I June 5 & 6, 2020 (Fri-Sat) 8:00am - 4:00pm BL133 $395
CEWORD02-01 Spring MS Word 2016 Level 2 June 19 & 20, 2020 (Fri-Sat) 8:00am - 4:00pm BL133 $395 + GST