Please note: Carpentry 2020/21 is currently suspended.

If you are looking to break into the carpentry profession, we have two different training options available.

Carpenter - Apprenticeship

Take the Carpenter - Apprenticeship four-year program to learn on-the-job carpentry training from a professional. You will also spend time learning technical skills at Keyano College.

To become certified, you must learn theory and skills, and pass multiple exams. You must be an eligible indentured apprentice in order to register.

Carpentry - Pre-Employment

The Carpentry - Pre-Employment program equips you with the proper skill set to succeed when getting an entry level position in your career as a carpenter.

Pre-employment programs provide you with a solid academic foundation to build upon in your career. You will review material in science, mathematics, report writing, employability skills, and learn technical training.