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Explore the business programs available at Keyano College.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Management

Our Bachelor of Business Administration Collaborative degree trains you on accounting, finance, and human resource management programs. You'll gain the knowledge that you'll need to apply for your professional designation.

Business Administration Accounting Diploma

Start your career in accounting with our Business Administration Accounting diploma.  After you graduate, you'll be ready to work in many public and private accounting positions.

Business Administration Accounting Coop Diploma

Start your career in accounting through Keyano College's Business Administration - Accounting Coop Diploma. You'll gain practical skills that will help you analyze financial information to plan fiscal management policies and create business strategies. You can start your path in our Business Administration Accounting Certificate program and progress to our Diploma program.  Graduates can apply the program toward earning a professional designation as well.

Business Administration Certificate

The Business Administration Certificate provides a comprehensive introduction to, and study of, the concepts, principles and practices of business, marketing and management. Students may study part-time or full-time with day or evening classes.

Business Administration Management Diploma

Learn the practical skills and theories that you'll need to run a successful business with our Business Administration Management Diploma.

Business Administration Management Coop Diploma

Start your career in Management through Keyano College's Business Administration Management Coop Diploma program. The program teaches you the concepts, principles and practices of business marketing and management as well as learning the skills, standards, and values that are part of running a successful business. We'll teach you how to present, communicate effectively and plan for the future of a business. You'll develop the ability to foster teamwork in the workplace while you hone your problem-solving and task-management skills.

Business Administration Esports Management

A Business Administration Diploma with specialization in Esports Management will give you the tools needed to enter the exciting world of Esports. You will gain skills to help you find a career within the industry as a league administrator, coach, marketer, media content manager, and more.

Business Aviation

Our Business Aviation Diploma is for learners who are interested in pursuing a career in aviation business operations. This two-year diploma program provides students with business knowledge along with the aviation training compliant with Transport Canada standards. Through successful acquisition of both a private and commercial pilot’s license within the program, graduates may pursue career specializations in Northern Aviation Operations or Airline Operations. This program is in collaboration with McMurray Aviation, a regional commercial aviation services provider located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Hospitality and Tourism Management 

Developed with input from industry experts, the Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma is an innovative apprenticeship-style program enables students to gain practical experience, while learning from and networking with hospitality and tourism industry professionals within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Students gain real-world knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industries that will allow them to develop skills related to customer service, business communications and technologies, financial management, marketing and sales, occupational safety and security, workplace regulations, human resource management, leadership, as well as current trends in travel and tourism. 

Human Resources Management

Advance your career in Human Resources through our Human Resources Management Certificate. We'll teach you how to handle a variety of employment concerns.

Applications are accepted for Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. Please submit your application as soon as possible as many programs fill up quickly.

Office Administration

Learn how to manage a business' electronic office environment through our Office Administration Certificate.

Applications are accepted for Fall semester only. Please submit your application as soon as possible as many programs fill up quickly.