Be Fit for Life Centre

Be Fit for Life Centres are located in nine colleges and universities across Alberta. We provide community and workplace programming for active living. At school, work, home or in your community, we will help you develop a program or activity that fits your needs and resources.


  • Fitness programs for children and families
  • Training to support educators and leaders
  • Fitness, active living and wellness presentations and workshops
  • Resources and information
  • Displays and demonstrations
  • Group fitness assessments and counselling
  • Collaboration on active living initiatives
  • Fitness leader certification courses for the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA)
  • Connections to fitness, health and nutrition professionals

Our approach to delivering services

Be Fit For Life Coordinators are experts in physical activity, working across sectors in their unique communities, setting the stage for collaboration and alignment of services to support their community in the development of physical literacy. The Network brings together people, organizations, and resources from all parts of the community. This Network approach creates strong relationships, which supports the coordinated physical activity delivery system in Alberta.

Each Centre across Alberta provides workshops, resources, and events for coaches, teachers, recreation leaders and other physical literacy champions. Some Centres, like the ASDC – Northeast, also offer physical activity programming in their communities.

Mission and vision

Our mission is to ensure the delivery of educational programs, services, and resources that promote and facilitate the development and maintenance of active, healthy lifestyles to all Albertans.

Our vision is for Albertans to live active, healthy lifestyles.

Connect with us

Your local Be Fit For Life Centre is dedicated to making our community a happier, healthier place to live. If your organization requires the services of Be Fit For Life, whether for resources, guidance, presentations or help with an active living event, please contact our Coordinator Keegan Kuhr

Our partners

We are an active member of the Alberta Active Living Partners, a group of 14 organizations that collaborate through programs, services, research, and advocacy to help Albertans be physically active.

The Be Fit for Life Network is supported by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks & Wildlife Foundation, and the Alberta Community Development Unit.