Athletics and Fitness

Keyano College offers our student community access to fitness programs and facilities, as well as high-level athletics through our Keyano Huskies varsity teams.

The Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre is the perfect place to stay active, through fitness classes, personal training and gym memberships.

Keyano College is also home to the Alberta Sport Development Centre (ASDC) – Northeast for elite and emerging high-performance athletes, as well as one of the province's nine Be Fit for Life Centres.

Sport and Wellness & Huskies Updates

Due to COVID-19 and flooding, which severely damaged the SSWC in Spring 2020, we have provided an FAQ to keep you informed of any changes to the Huskies or Wellness Centre. 

For any additional questions please contact Marketing and Communications, who will direct your question to the appropriate person. 


Has the SSWC been impacted by the flood? 
The entire first flood of the SSWC has been impacted by the flood. 
What degree of damage has the building incurred? 
The college is still determining the extent of damage to the building at this time.
Is there a time frame as to when the SSWC will reopen? 
The damage will be assessed by our insurance company and until this is done, no time frame of reopening can be stated at this time. 
If I have a locker in the SSWC, how do I get my stuff?
The Fitness and Wellness Manager Stefanie Dobbin has list of who has a locker in our POS system for access. Please email her at
If the contents of my locker is damaged due to the flood, will I get reimbursed? 
We will be talking to our insurance to see if personal contents can be part of the College’s claim.
How can I cancel my membership and get a refund?
SSWC is working with finance and Active Net to cancel all memberships in our system. Any unused fees will be refunded. If you paid by credit card, fees will go back onto your card. If you paid by debit or cash, a cheque will be mailed to your address on file. If you need to update your address on file please contact the Fitness and Wellness Manager Stefanie Dobbin at
Will my membership be on hold until the building reopens? 
All Memberships will remain suspended unless you request a cancellation.
If I had a booking for an event in the SSWC, how do I know if it is still valid? 
All bookings are being tracked monthly and SSWC will be reaching out at month end to cancel any following/ future month’s bookings. If you paid by credit card, your money will be placed back onto your card. If you paid by debit or cash, finance will be issuing a cheque to be mailed to your address on the booking permit. 
Will any deposit made for a booking be reimbursed?
All deposits made for cancelled bookings will be reimbursed. 
How can I make a booking in the SSWC for a future date? 
The SSWC is not scheduling any bookings until our recall of CUPE date closer to our reopening date. 

Programs & Huskies FAQ's

Will there be a 2020/2021 Huskies season?

Huskies Athletics is working with the ACAC in regards to 2020/2021 and what the schedules look like. We are still trying to manage the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that are put in place by Alberta Health Services.

Has ASDC or BFFL been impacted? 
ASDC and BFFL will continue to conduct its programming remotely through their coordinators. 
How can I sign up for ASDC membership? 
You can reach out to Dwayne Vigilance and register online through Keyano website.
If I am an ASDC member, how can I access my training?
ASDC is still running remotely please contact Dwayne Vigilance for remote training access to your programs is you haven’t been contacted yet. 
If I am a returning or new student athlete, who do I contact to address any questions or concerns I may have? 
If any student-athletes have questions in regards to Huskies athletics, please contact Huskies Athletics Manager, Jim Knight at 

Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre

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