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Frequently Asked Questions

How should we dress?

Most types of attire are quite acceptable, but patrons tend to dress a bit more formally for Opening Night. Since drafts can be unavoidable, it's a good idea to have something to cover bare shoulders.

Can we take pictures/video recordings?

Cameras and recording devices are prohibited, unless consent is given by the presenter. To avoid disappointment, you should check with the box office to confirm whether or not the presenter will allow for photos/video recording.

Can we bring cell phones into the theatre?

We respectfully request that all cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices are turned off during the performance.

What happens if we arrive late to a performance?

The box office remains open for 30 minutes after curtain. Latecomers are held at the door until an appropriate time to enter. If you have a seat in the middle of the theatre, you will be placed in an aisle seat until intermission.

Can we bring children to the theatre?

We welcome audiences of all ages and we take great delight in hosting our younger patrons! However, not all performances are suited to children. To ensure the utmost comfort of all patrons, we have designated a rating for each performance. This rating will help parents and guardians to determine which performances are most appropriate for their children.