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Anyone is welcome to audition for Keyano Theatre Company - no prior experience is necessary.

Please bring your availability schedule to your audition. 
Please arrive about 15 minutes early for your audition and be prepared to wait.

A Christmas Carol 

Adapted from the Charles Dickens novella.  

Director: Karen Johnson-Diamond  

Audition Dates and times: Sunday, Sept. 10th 10-6 / Monday, Sept. 11th 4-11 / Tuesday, Sept. 12th 4-11 

Show Dates: Nov. 24 - Dec.02, 2017

Follow this link to sign up:

Audition Requirements: 

Please prepare a 2 minute monologue and be prepared to present a reading from the script.

The Drowsy Chaperone 

Music & Lyrics by Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison 

Book by Bob Martin & Don McKellar 

Director/Choreographer: Darold Roles 

Music Director: Hilary Hornberger  

Audition Dates: Friday, Sept. 8th 4-11 / Saturday, Sept. 9th 9-9 (Dance Call AM) / Sunday, Sept. 10th 10-6 

Show Dates Feb. 16 – Feb. 24, 2018.


Follow this link to sign up:

Audition Requirements.

Each person is required to sing a song in the style of the show (Rogers & Hart, Jule Styne, Cole Porter, Gershwin, Sondheim, Frank Loesser.) Please prepare only 16 to 32 bars. You can bring your own accompanist or a backing track. You are also required to prepare one of the Sides or scenes from the show which will be available online. It is not necessary to be off book. If you do not have a scene partner, lines will be read from the table. 

They will be at general movement/dance call on Saturday morning. Everyone is required to attend. Please allow two hours for that on Saturday day morning with a 15 minute break afterwards. General callbacks will be held on the Sunday, September 10th.


For further audition details and registration contact Keyano Box Office at 780-791-4990 or email

Auditions held at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre, 8115 Franklin Avenue.



Keep in touch with Keyano Theatre on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. 

Did You Know?

Keyano Theatre Company

Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) is a volunteer company of real people, real stories and real performances enriching the spirit of community theatre. We are committed to providing meaningful, relevant and quality entertainment. Share the experience and celebrate with us!


This is where the Artistic Team decides who is the most appropriate for the production, based on several factors. After the auditions, the Director considers the strengths of all the candidates. With a big cast or musical production, this process takes longer as there are several discussions and consultations with other Artistic Team members.


Sometimes it is important for the director to see an actor again, in a different context. This is when a “callback” is requested. This means that an actor will be asked to come in and perhaps repeat their audition or perhaps work on a scene with other actors.

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