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Everyone is welcome to audition for Keyano Theatre Company - no prior experience is necessary.


Auditions are being held November 2 - 4 for Keyano Theatre Company’s production of Mamma Mia!

Directed by Darold Roles

Musical Director Hilary Hornberger

Co-Choreographer Ron Schuster

Please carefully read the information below... there is a lot to know!


Auditions are open to any interested actors, singers and dancers that wish to participate.  Commitment to the production is important for both the rehearsal process and the performances.

  • Performances take place on February 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, and two shows on February 23. 
  • Music rehearsals are December 6-16 and full rehearsals begin January 2nd
  • Full rehearsals are on Wednesday to Friday from 6pm-10pm and Saturdays 10am-6pm.

Technical rehearsals are as follows:

      February 5, 6pm-11pm

      February 6, 6pm-11pm

      February 7, 6pm-11pm

      February 8, 6pm-11pm

      February 9, 9am-6pm

      February 10, 12pm-9pm

      February 12, 6pm-11pm

      February 13, 6pm-11pm


      To be considered for a part in Mamma Mia! All candidates must participate in ALL THREE elements of the audition process over two separate times.  Attend the acting and singing (individual) and movement/dance (group) portions on the weekend of Auditions.  If for some reason you cannot attend one of the times listed below then you should contact 

      Acting and Singing Portion of Your Audition

      Please choose one (1) scene from the link below to perform in your individual audition.  Choose a scene that is appropriate for you that you will be comfortable with.  Each scene is a single page.  Young Adults (YA) should be age 16-28 and Adult (A) should be age range 29-60.  A reader will be in the audition room to read any other parts in the scene for you.

      Follow this link to select your "Acting" scene:

      Please choose one (1) song from the link below to be sung during your individual audition. The song needs to be memorized and ready to perform. Sheet music and backing tracks for each song are available as pdf and mp3 files.  Additional instructions can be found by following the link.  Choose the song to best showcase your abilities and interest. 

      Follow this link to select your song

      Dance and Movement Portion of Your Audition

      One dance/movement audition will also be required.  A MOVEMENT Audition is designed for beginners or actors/singers with little dance experience. Come warmed up; ready to learn and then perform a short routine. A DANCE Audition is designed for intermediate to advanced dancers. Come warmed up; ready to learn and then perform a more complicated routine. Attend only one (1) movement OR dance audition. 

      These will be group auditions held Saturday Morning;

      Movement #1 9:30am-10:15am

      Movement #2 10:15am-11am

      Dance 11am-11:45am. 

      Please sign up for only one of the above group auditions

      Callbacks will be held on Sunday afternoon from 1pm-5pm.  At a callback you may be asked to repeat some or all of your song.

      Please keep this time available to join us again following your audition.  You will be contacted via phone or email to request your attendance at a callback audition. 

      Please ensure you have provided the most accessible contact information to us on your audition form so we can keep you informed of callbacks or other requirements

      Auditions will be held in room AC134 in the Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre

      Click here to sign up for your AUDITION:

      Best of luck to everyone, and HAVE FUN!!




      For further audition details and registration contact Keyano Box Office at 780-791-4990 or email

      Auditions are held at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre, 8115 Franklin Avenue.



      Keep in touch with Keyano Theatre on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. 

      Did You Know?

      Keyano Theatre Company

      Keyano Theatre Company (KTC) is a volunteer company of real people, real stories and real performances enriching the spirit of community theatre. We are committed to providing meaningful, relevant and quality entertainment. Share the experience and celebrate with us!


      This is where the Artistic Team decides who is the most appropriate for the production, based on several factors. After the auditions, the Director considers the strengths of all the candidates. With a big cast or musical production, this process takes longer as there are several discussions and consultations with other Artistic Team members.


      Sometimes it is important for the director to see an actor again, in a different context. This is when a “callback” is requested. This means that an actor will be asked to come in and perhaps repeat their audition or perhaps work on a scene with other actors.

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