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What is a Keyano Ambassador?

The Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity to get involved on Campus, including volunteer and participating in leadership workshops.

What are the perks?

  • ·         Have your volunteer hours recorded for use in future employment or volunteer opportunities.
  • ·         Professional reference
  • ·         Meet new people, get involved and be part of building a sense of community on campus.
  • ·         Eligible for volunteer awards $$$
  • ·         Boost your personal and professional skills.
  • ·         Build your portfolio
  • ·         Contribute as little or as many hours as you would like – it’s all up to you!


The Student Ambassador Program is open to:

  • ·         Full-time and part-time students
  • ·         In good academic standing
  • ·         In any year of any credit program


Level of Commitment

It depends on you! It's a flexible program. You will go through the registration process once. After that, you can apply for volunteer opportunities as often as you like, depending on your schedule.


  • *      Bronze (<5 hrs per semester)
  • *      Silver (5 - 9 hrs per semester)
  • *      Gold (10 - 14 hrs per semester)
  • *      Platinum (15+ hrs per semester)