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Student Ambassador Program

The Keyano College Student Ambassador Program is envisioned as a comprehensive leadership and learning program, one which seeks to foster not only the growth of students’ network building skills and the formation of important social connections but the development of advanced personal, professional and leadership skills to those students working as Keyano College student ambassadors.  The basis of this program, again, is our core belief that student participation and leadership are vitally important to the success of our learning community and to the student experience and thus, should be actively fostered and supported. 


Through the Student Ambassador Program, Keyano College is actively promoting the concepts of participation, inclusion, leadership skill development and community engagement not only to better prepare students to realize their full leadership potential but also to enhance portfolios along with their competitive advantage in the job market.


Goals of the Program

1.       Train new and returning student leaders to serve as a support system and role models to other students on campus.

2.       Promote the concepts of peer helping and student leadership.

3.       Give students an opportunity to engage in personal and professional skill development while gaining important resume and portfolio pieces.

4.       Provide student an opportunity for campus involvement and networking within the campus community.

5.       Provide Keyano College with access to a volunteer base to support in the delivery of services, events and activities.