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Corporate Memberships

We want to launch you and your employees into a world of health and wellness. Call today to take advantage of our Corporate Wellness Membership Program and benefit from the savings and many advantages to having healthy and active employees. 

The Benefits to a Corporate Wellness Membership

• Reduction in Employee Turnover 
• Increased Productivity 
• Increased Team Spirit & Morale 
• Reduction in Medical Leave and Sick Days Taken 

What’s included?

• Free towel service 
• Variety of complimentary fitness programs 
• Free parking pass 
• Access to the Longboat Landing Fitness Centre & Long Lake Running Track 
• Participate in drop-in activities on our field houses at no extra charge 
• Discounted registration prices for fitness and yoga classes 
• Sign out equipment from our lending desk by simply providing a membership card 

*We also offer all our Corporate Wellness Membership organizations complimentary access to our Be Fit for Life programing for active living. 
These services include:

• Fitness, active living and wellness presentations/workshops 
• Development, collection and distribution of resources and information 
• Displays and demonstrations 
• Group fitness assessments and counseling 
• Collaboration on active living initiatives 

How Does a Corporate Wellness Membership Program work?

Establish a Corporate Wellness Program contact person for your organization. This contact will be the individual that works with our Marketing Manager to ensure that all membership forms are received and processed and that all staff receives their membership information. 

The Corporate Wellness contact person will have all interested parties complete the Membership Registration Form as well as collect the appropriate membership fee. 

Once all membership forms are completed the corporate contact person will forward all completed applications to the attention to the Marketing Manager for processing. 

A lump sum payment reflective of the number of memberships to be purchased will be forwarded by the employer, payable to: Keyano College 

Individual staff members will then visit the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre to have their membership photo identification taken, following which they will be free to use the facility 

We encourage you to make your employees aware of the great opportunity. As the number of registrants increases, so too does the discount. 

For more information on Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre for Corporate Wellness Membership discounts contact


Stefanie Dobbin, Fitness & Guest Services Manager 780-792-5076

or Teryl Parsons, Guest Services Coordinator 780-791-4972