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Cancellations & Refunds


Annual Memberships are the only membership plans that qualify for a refund. Memberships with less than 4 months remaining will not be refunded. There is a $50.00 administration fee to cancel annual memberships that have been paid in full. This will be deducted from your prorated membership refund. A $50.00 parking pass fee will also be deducted from your pro-rated refund unless you return your parking pass along with your Membership Cancellation Form.

Notice of cancellation for the monthly installment plan must be provided a minimum of 14 days prior to the next scheduled payment, or the payment will be processed. A Membership Cancellation Form  must be completed and the parking pass must be returned to Guest Services.


The Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre holds the right to cancel programs due to low registration numbers. Programs will be cancelled within 48 hours of commencement date.


Timeline  Refund Option
5 or more days  Full Refund
Less Than 5 days Full Refund Less $25.00 administration Fee
Day of or after program commencement      No Refund


If the withdrawal is due to a medical issue or specific complaint, this must be brought to the attention of the Fitness & Wellness Manager for discussion to determine if a refund will be issued.

If a program is cancelled due to lack of registration, all clients who were registered will be entitled to a complete refund.

Refunds are not processed by the Guest Services staff; therefore, automatic refunds are not available.