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Volunteer Opportunites

We are currently looking for volunteers for the U21 Men's Volleyball Pan AM Championship

Sign up form available here




16 volunteers per session

The volunteers assigned to this task will be located in the general field of play. They will have the responsibility of assuring the games run smoothly. The 3-ball system, floor mopper, the quick wipes, the ball shaggers, scoreboard operator and flag bearers are all included in this task.



12-20 volunteers per session

The volunteers assigned to this function will help set-up the court at the start of the event and take down the court at the end of the event. Assuming set-up goes smoothly on the initial evening, the following morning set-up will only require 6 volunteers to complete the final items. Take down will require 12-20 volunteers.



8-10 volunteers per match

The volunteers assigned to VIS will be responsible for keeping the match statistics with the international statistics program and will be supervised by the VIS managers. Prior knowledge of volleyball or strong keyboarding skills is an asset.



Tues May 16: 12pm

Tues May 16: 6pm

Tues May 16: 8pm

Wed May 17: 4pm

Wed May 17: 6pm

Wed May 17: 8pm

Thurs May 18: 4pm

Thurs May 18: 6pm

Thurs May 18: 8pm

Friday May 19: 6pm

Friday May 19: 8pm

Sat May 20: 4pm

Sat May 20: 6pm

Sat May 20: 8pm

Sun May 21: 4pm

Sun May 21: 6pm

Sun May 21: 8pm



2-4 volunteers per session

The volunteers assigned to this task will have the responsibility of selling competition programs and will lead the in-match entertainment, including games during time-outs, interviews with members of the crowd, handing out promotional material, etc.



8 x 1 volunteer per visiting team

The volunteer will be assigned to the visiting team and must be fluent in the team’s official language. They will accompany the team as much as possible during their stay, and be a liaison between the teams and the Organizing Committee. Bilingual in ENGLISH with SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, or FRENCH



1 volunteer per session

1 adult volunteer in the VIP Lounge to act as greeter and greet VIPs at the arena entrance and guide them to the VIP lounge, then guide them from Lounge to courtside (if necessary).


1 volunteer per session

Assist with media check-in, greets media at media entrance and provides them with assistance with their seating and media guide/information. Required from about an hour before the game until the end of the game.


3-4 volunteers per day

The volunteers assigned to this task will drive the minivans for the Control Committee, referees. Must possess a valid driver’s license (verifiable at any time).



2 volunteer per session

Assist with any above area needed. Including tidy bleachers between games, helping concession.