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Men's Futsal Coach


Brady’s father George Brady was an integral part of the development of youth soccer in the region during the 1990s’ and his father’s passion for the sport is evident when talking to Connor.

“I come from a really soccer orientated family,” said Brady, who is married and has a 16-month old son named Liam. “Being a Brady is being passionate about soccer as it is in our blood. We pretty much eat, breath and sleep it. We grew up with exposure to the game through the coaching and the talented players I grew up with and played with.”

Of his on time playing with the Huskies, Brady recalled: “It wasn’t as much as a team as it was a family. We won asa team and lost as a team. We were the fittest team in the league maybe not the most talented and we had the biggest hearts and we beat down doors to do it. This is the approach we will take here.