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Promoting Excellence Through Athletics

Keyano College Huskies Athletics is committed to providing performance based training and competitive opportunities that foster the academic and athletic development of our students. In order to do this, we need your support.

Financial assistance is critical to the continued success of our athletes and the Huskies Athletics Program. Funds generated through our Adopt-A-Husky initiative are directly used to assist the students of Keyano College who have chosen to pursue athletic goals alongside their academic studies.

Your Funds at Work

Funds generated through the Adopt-A-Husky initiative are used to enhance athletic programs at Keyano College and to foster the academic and athletic development of our students. Your contributions will be used for athlete participation and training costs.

Regardless of the gift size, your donation has the strength of being combined with other donors working together to make a difference.

Thank you!

For more information on the Adopt-A-Husky program, please contact:

Nicole Robinson
Advancement Services

Huskies Booster

Vicki Clift

Christina Doyle

Elan Construction Ltd.

EllisDon Construction Services Inc.

Greg Hatch

Dale Hoogendoorn

Troy Klassen

Eric Leatham

Jeanette Liviniuk

Eunice Maris

Marnie McKay

Mountain Park Glass Works Ltd.

Meryl Murray

Craig Nicol

Alfred & Marlyne Parsons

Velda Peach

Wilma Sandstra

Connor Sauverwald

Sharon Sherstan

Mary Toomey

Kristina Weenink



Birch Mountain Enterprises

BRC Group

Andrea Campan

Choquet Insurance Group

Dark Horse Media

Theodore Dreger

Dave Filmore

Ken Haverland

Alphonse Janvier

Scott Lanti

Sandra MacDougall

Matt Pate

Quintin & Hayley Pohl

Simone Reese

Nicole Robinson

Christina Russell

Sanjel Energy Services

Schendel Mechanical

Carrolle Vigilance

Loren Visscher

Winding Trail Farms



Molten Arbour



CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada)

Minestar Group

Fred & Helena Myschuk

Oil City Drywall (2014)